Just on the heels of a bomb blast in a Mosque in Banka district of Bihar which blew it away in smithereens, another bomb blast rocks Bihar now in Araria. A bomb blast occurred in a garden in Araria district, where a youth named Mohammad Afroz has been injured and is being treated in the district hospital.

After the incident, the SHO of Bairgachi police station, Harendra Kumar visited the place and sent the injured youth to a hospital. During the investigation, the police recovered two live bombs from the place where the blast occurred. The police suspects that the injured youth, Afroz was carrying the said bombs in a cloth bag.

The police is trying to further investigate about where the youth procured the bombs from and where was he taking it and how were the bombs planned to be used. Just a few days back in Banka a bomb blast in a Mosque killed a Moulvi and injured few others. Not only bomb blasts are taking place in Bihar, what is more worrying is that they seem to be country made bombs and have not been discovered by the vigilance of police but are getting outed due to the jihadis’ own mishaps. How many more such bombs are stocked up in jihadist run mosques and homes needs to be thoroughly investigated.

Pertinently, Araria is a sensitive district sharing borders with Nepal and Bangladesh. This area is infested with very active Jihadi and Islamist fundamentalist Tablighi Jamaat elements. Purnia, Araria and Kishanganj have now become safe havens for smugglers. In these areas the local Muslims have been assiduously settling illegal Bangladeshi Muslims in connivance with Muslim appeasing so-called ‘secular’ political parties. There are regular attacks on Hindus in these areas, who have been reduced to a small minority in many areas in these districts.

A few weeks back in Baisi area in Purnia, a Toli of Dalit Hindus were attacked by Muslim mob with iron rods, swords and petrol. Their houses were burnt, one elderly Hindu retired guard was hacked to death, several people of the locality were seriously injured including women and children. The attack on the Dalit Hindus have become a regular feature in these areas to drive them away from government lands and settle illegal Bangladeshi Muslims and Rohingyas.

There needs to be a thorough investigation on the recent bomb blasts and all controversial Masjids and homes of jihadists should be searched for hoarding of explosives and arms for possible use in the ongoing genocide of Hindus in nearby West Bengal and their possible use in the forthcoming assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh.

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