We all know that Aatish Taseer is now married to an American man named Ryan and has obtained his Green card . He is a vocal gay rights advocate .

Lady Ella's former lover is now married to a man | Daily Mail Online

But some years back Aatish Taseer was NOT GAY . Aatish Taseer , the London born son of unmarried Tavleen Singh and a married minister in Pakistan , Mr. Salman Taseer , was studying in Boston , he met a lady belonging to the British Royal , Lady Gabriella Windsor, who is the daughter of Queen’s first cousin .They dated for three years .

Lady Gabriella Windsor's ex-boyfriend claims they swam NAKED at Buckingham  Palace and took ecstasy at Windsor

They even posed for the cover of Hello Magazine and attended all social do’s .

Hello! magazine - Lady Gabriella Windsor and Aatish Taseer cover (28 July  2005 - Issue 877)

After they broke up , Mr. Aatish Taseer wrote , tell-all, expose-all article about their time together in Vanity Fair . In that article, he puts British royals with Nazis , claims them to be racist and recalls how they swam naked in the Royal pool and took banned drugs .


Needless to say , it did not go down well with the Royals and they condemned this classless, uncouth act of publishing moments from a private relationship in a public platform.



So here is my take on the whole kill-and-tell drama that you did . Frankly i don’t know whether you telling the truth or spreading lies , the fact is writing such articles about an ex , that too which contains private momenst spent together , reveals what a classless, uncouth person you are . I mean publicly naming and shaming your ex , dissing out private details of intimate time spent together , just to get attention and fame and claim victimhood brownie points . This makes me question your background , your education , your upbringing? Is this what your single mother taught you ? To shame a woman after breaking up ? You have seen how women are victimized , exploited , when you married biological father ,Mr. Salman Taseer , had a fling and then abandoned your mother pregnant , claiming NO responsibility of the child that he had fathered? Defaming a woman , leaving her with lifelong humiliation? DISGUSTING. Yes you got fame (I did send an email to Vanity fair UK inquiring if you got paid any money , they did not reply ) .

Infact your own half brother , son of your biological father , dissed you for writing such a kiss-n-tell article . He labelled you, an attention seeker, which in my opinion you have ALWAYS BEEN .

Now you are happlily married to a MAN . Were you always bisexual or did you just turn bisexual or gay ? We will never know .

But then this is episode predated the current scenario where you have exposed your classless, uncouth behavior .

In the world of your own half brother , you are an attention seeker.

Sick that you take surnam eof a father who never acknowledged paternity , called you own son . Why not take surnamer of a brave mother who stoodd against society , brought you up as a single mother ? Why Aatish taseer , why not Aatish Singh ? Why call yourself Half Muslim when you had NO CONTACT with your muslim biological father ? Why not follow sikhism ?

Calling yourself self Aatish Tasser , son of Indian Sikh and Pakistani Muslim gets you attention . You can play victim , martyr , milk it to gain fame. Your fathers’ family being VERY RICH and well connected , gets you contacts and acquaintances across the world. Opens doors that would never let you in . The family of your biological father disowns you , they claim NO RELATIONSHIP WITH YOU , just like your now dead (assasinated by radicals) father . FAME DIGGER , SOCIAL CLIMBER .

Old habits die hard ? As they say, a leopard may hide , but can’t change it’s stripes.

In some cases, they do change sexuality . Coming next PANSEXUAL , GENDERFLUID , ALIENSEXUAL Aatish Taseer . Oops . (the last sentence is meant to be satire )

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