A sister took the life of her brother in Jharkhand’s Ramgarh district. Opposing the relationship of his sister Chanchal Kumari with a Muslim youth Mohammad Israil alias Sonu became the reason for the murder of the deceased Rohit. It is alleged that in this murder the sister of the deceased was also supported by her Muslim lover. The deceased Rohit was missing since June 30, whose murder was disclosed by the police on Saturday (10 September 2022). The accused sister Chanchal Kumari of the deceased has been arrested while her lover has fled.


According to media reports, the incident is of the Patratu police station area. Chanchal Kumari, who lives in Panch Mandir Panchayat here, was having a love affair with Mohammad Israil of the neighboring village, who is also known as Sonu in the area. Chanchal Kumari’s 21-year-old brother Rohit Kumar did not like this relationship and used to constantly interrupt his sister. Naresh Mahto, father of deceased Rohit works in the electricity department. Earlier he was posted in Patratu and used to stay in the government residence there. Later he was transferred to Ranchi.


It is being told that even after being transferred to Ranchi, Rohit’s father had not vacated Patratu’s Government Quarter No. F-235, Road No. 33, and Chanchal Kumari lived alone in it. The deceased Rohit lived with his father most of the time in Ranchi. Still, Chanchal Kumari considered her brother as an obstacle in the way of her and Mohammed Israil. Because of this, both of them made a plan to kill Rohit.


According to reports, the deceased Rohit had gone to his cousin’s house on June 24. This house falls in the Chutia police station area of ​​Ranchi. Meanwhile, to execute his conspiracy, on 30 June 2022, Rohit’s sister Chanchal called him and called him to Patratu. Chanchal took Rohit from Ranchi to Patratu and there he killed Rohit along with his lover Mohammad Israil in his father’s official residence.


It is being told that both killed Rohit and buried his body in a room of the house. Both of them also covered the land dug for the dead body with plaster. After killing and burying her brother, Chanchal lived alone in the same house till she was arrested. Here, after Rohit’s disappearance, his father lodged a missing report with the Chutia police station on June 30.


When the police questioned Chanchal Kumari on the basis of the last call and location, she soon started telling the truth. It is being told that Chanchal also showed the police the place where he had killed his brother along with his lover Mohammad Israil. The police arrested him on the basis of Chanchal’s confession. On the other hand, Chanchal’s lover Mohammad Israil has escaped as soon as the secret is revealed, in search of which the police are raiding.


The police retrieved Rohit’s body which is badly decomposed and decomposed in two and a half months. The police are also collecting information about whether there was anyone other than Chanchal, Mohammad Israel involved in Rohit’s murder.


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