Yogi Adityanath gave a hard message to the General public in Lucknow against Taliban for their deeds and spoke highly for Buddha.

Speaking at the Samajik Pratinidhi Sammelan’ in Lucknow , Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh and firebrand Hindutva leader Yogi Adityanath said “You must have seen the scenes when Taliban destroyed the 2,500-year-old statue of Gautam Buddha in Bamiyan, Afghanistan 20 years ago. The world saw that barbarism of Taliban. Buddha never imposed war on the world, he will always be the source of inspiration for the humanity and the centre of devotion. But no Indian, or anyone supporting peace & harmony anywhere in the world, should forget the scenes of his statue being destroyed by Taliban. He further added “You must have seen that just a few days after that the US dropped bombs there and Talibanis began getting killed. We had said that the God is punishing them for what they did to the statue of Gautam Buddha.

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