According to a recent Gallup Poll, the American people’s ratings of the Economy were negative, or balanced but not as negative as seen earlier in the Pandemic. A poll from the month of September showed that Americans still believe that the economy will be the number one important issue to they way they vote.

A majority of respondents of the survey — 54% — have a positive view of Trump’s job performance on the economy. His overall approval has been holding steady around 46%. Trump’s economic approval rating exceeds his rating on crime — 48%, foreign affairs — 46%, the Coronavirus — 44% and race relations — 38%.

Gallup has been polling throughout the year and they survey funds that the Economic Confidence Index was high in January; fell to the lowest point of the year in May and is slowly back up again in September. Out of all the different economic issues, general state of affairs and unemployment were of most interest to the American public.


The most important statistic is that in September, 55% of U.S. adults, including 56% of registered voters indicated that their families are “better off now” then they were four years ago. Meaning, even given the Coronavirus and it’s effects, people are overall upbeat. However, 33% indicated that they are worse off.

Americans rate the economy as more important to casting their vote this year than any other issue. 45% say it will be “extremely important” while 44% say it is “very important.” Out of those who rate it as extremely important are Republicans and Republican leaners and Democrats and Democratic leaners. This is fascinating as both, the Republicans and Democrats are keen on the performance of the economy though performance on handling of Covid-19 is an important factor.

Swing states – Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin will determine which factor trumps as most important this month. Will Americans in these states focus on the relationship between Trump’s response to the Chinese virus coupled with economic recession or will they see these as two separate issues? Time will tell.


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