In 2018, Bharat signed deal with Russia to buy S-400 missile system despite threat of US sanctions and now in 2021, Now, India has started getting S-400 air defence system from Russia. This can be termed as a result of strong leadership at the central level.

Russia has started to supply S-400 missile system to India. The first unit of which will be deployed near the western front. According to sources, the parts of the missile systems are coming via both air and sea routes and would be quickly deployed on the designated locations. China has already deployed two S-400 squadrons at Hotan airbase in Xinjiang and Nyingchi airbase in Tibet and because of this, the coming of the defence system will play a crucial part and increases its importance. The S-400 air defence system was contracted for by India in a deal worth around ₹35,000 crore and five squadrons would be provided to India for tacking air threats.

The S-400 missile defence system is equipped with four different missiles, which can engage enemy aircraft, ballistic missiles, and Airborne Warning And Control System (AWACS) planes at 400km, 250km, the medium-range 120km and the short-range 40km.

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