Bihar, a land of historical affluence and individual might could be in such a sorry state of affairs, it is beyond any conceivable reason.

Kautilya, Aryabhatta and Lord Mahavir were the trinity and who could have inspired the generation of humanity but are themselves forgotten in Bihar and rest of India perhaps.

One reason which has spoiled all opportunity and effort is the shackles of Caste system in Bihar Society. Caste based animosity, division, mobilization, confrontation and violence has been the visible stigma for Bihari society. There had been numerous instances of caste related violence, mob lynching and caste affiliated army.

Politically Congress for decades ruled Bihar through its Brahmin leadership, which was dethroned by Laloo Prasad Yadav. What breaded, only caste hatred? Splinter groups with numerous caste affiliation, vitiated the social fabric. Besides legislative affiliation of divisive caste notoriety, other aspects of government functioning and administrative decisions also deteriorated at rapid stride.

While till Congress Rule, Bihar Society largely remained in complete control of the Brahmin led upper caste, Laloo Prasad Yadav brought a complete change in caste empowerment.

Education, literacy, wealth, professional achievement and integration with the rest of India of Bihar Society also not improved during this sliding situation.  A small section of society who understood this nefarious design, improvised itself with caste neutral values and professed social integration sadly decided to migrate outside Bihar. Delhi and other cities became the choice location to relocate. And Bihar failed to capitalize this wind of change.

Window of opportunity was shut before it could even open its wing.

Ordinary Biharis romanticized Criminals and Corrupt elements on caste identity. This social sanction encouraged a system where no merit but only loot and mismanagement got promoted in every walk of life.

Today no sane voice can stand up firmly and oppose this diabolical caste system. The recent demand of caste based census has been supported by all political parties except for BJP. The last caste census of India was conducted by British in 1931 to divide and rule. They did that so methodically. Till date we are divided on caste lines.

Majority of Politician, Journalist and Social thinkers promoted caste divisiveness since independence while none claimed it out rightly as their personal view. They defended themselves behind the veil of Social aspiration.    

BJP which professes a Hindu identity knows that when caste strengthens, Hindus weaken and therefore had every reason to oppose this demand. But would we see any Bihari voice seeking identity over and above caste affiliation?

Land of numerous icons and ancient India marvels were all forgotten. The Social Values of brotherhood and harmony have been eroded. The education system of the left liberal ensured class conflict and caste animosity.  And they successfully demolished all possible scope of improvement and Bihari Values.

Now, society is hopelessly divided on numerous caste identities. Every social mobilization and ordinary political leaders are fuelling the fire.

In Bihar, annual flooding, disease, poverty, Bangladeshi infiltration, missionary conversion are routine distractions without any visible solution. You would not find a district level hospital equipped with infrastructure. There is no urban planning and concept of developing cities infrastructure. No idea of the drainage system and worst is the filth management within the city area. Standard of education in college is becoming pathetic. Mass migration of talent to other states is an annual feature. Schools have been taken over for money minting exercises by private institutions and missionaries. If you wish to observe the hopelessness of Bihari Society, Stand up to watch the outgoing train from main cities. Column of laborers carrying their luggage boards trains for the rest of India in millions. And they travel in the most pitiable condition. Administration is divided on caste. Chakka Jam and strikes by communist are routine disruptions.

Visible is total silence and clueless approval. You would not find Reason, merit and competence in any sphere of life. It had completely denied their role.

Pity. It has created a mess and hopeless situation for Bihar. Growth and development is an illusion today. Instead of demanding for development, Political leadership is demanding caste census. What an irony? Bihari can rule their fate only.

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