UK: The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) is a lucrative business. It managed to raise $278,143 USD in a single day, and boasted that it did so because Nigel Farage has been opposing its illegal activity.

The UK has seen taxpaying demonstrators take to the streets, shouting “enough is enough” and “stop the invasion”; meanwhile, the pockets of Mark Dowie continue to be lined as he aids and abets a crime. In his view, his work is “humanitarian work of the highest order.” Let’s hope he does his part and offers to open up his own sumptuous home to some of these unvetted migrants.

“Lifeboats Boss Defends Channel Migrant Pick-Ups as ‘Humanitarian Work of the Highest Order,’” by Jack Montgomery, Breitbart, July 29, 2021:

The CEO of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) has defended the charity’s operations picking up boat migrants in the English Channel as “humanitarian work of the highest order”.

Mark Dowie, who spent roughly eight years with the Royal Navy and close to 20 as an executive with various banks including Baring Brothers, Standard Chartered, and UBS, made the comments after RNLI crew and migrants were allegedly heckled by members of the public, who have become frustrated with the government’s persistent failure to stop the ever-increasing waves of boat migrants months after Brexit and years after the crisis was first declared a “major incident” by then-Home Secretary Sajid Javid back in 2018.

Dowie, who receives a £160,000 a year salary from the RNLI, according to its website — although there was talk of cutting this to £80,000 in response to the coronavirus pandemic last year — insisted that “All decent people will see this as humanitarian work of the highest order” and that “Our crews should not have to put up with some of the abuse they received.”

He also made comments to the left-wing Guardian newspaper, widely interpreted as a dig at Nigel Farage for his warning that the RNLI — along with the Border Force and Royal Navy — has become a “migrant taxi service”.

“These islands have the reputation for doing the right thing and being decent societies, and we should be very proud of the work we’re doing to bring these people home safe”, Dowie said.

The Guardian did not elect to query Dowie’s designation of British shores as “home” for France-based migrants hailing primarily from the Balkans, Asia, and Africa in its report.

The RNLI has also posted videos on social media showcasing “Why The RNLI Rescues Migrants” with footage and stories of lifeboatmen interacting with women and children on board the charity’s boats. The cases illustrated may have been extraordinary, given Home Secretary Priti Patel recently confirmed that, in 2019, 87 per cent of migrants were men and 74 per cent were aged between 18 and 39.


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