The 15th August, India’s Independence day is around the corner. I have a friend named, Deshpremi. Each year, he sends me his Independence day resolution.

His, this year’s resolution reads:

“Any Indian who is not ready to say, Vandematram, or one who supports such a person in any way, economically, politically, legally or socially, will not get my vote.”

Those who got us Independence, those Indians who were hanged by British, went to gallows from their jail cells, chanting only one word Vandematram.

It is a sin on the part of any Indian who refuses to say Vandematram or supports such a fellow who doesn’t like to say Vandematram. We all owe it to those freedom fighters of India.

Unfortunately, once again, on 15th August, a lie will be blared on loud speakers to young children, saying

“De Di Hamain Azadi, Bina Khadak Bina Dhall,

Sabarmati Ke Sant, Tu Ne Kar Diya Kmaal.”

(Sabarmati Ke Sant (M K Gandhi), you did magical. You got us (Indians) Independence without sword (forceful resistance).

Why Indians are so dumb, I don’t know?

‘Power Flows through the barrel of the gun’ is a street wisdom.

Any battle, in the human history, from ancient to medieval to modern day, has been won by the one who had the superior fire power.

Despremi’s 1984 resolution I still remember and got refreshed this year, when someone (member/ supporter of so called Kisan Movement)  tore and threw down national flag from Red Fort in Delhi.

Deshpremi had in 1984 said, ‘Anyone who doesn’t respect Indian Flag, will never get my respect.’

That was the time when Khalistan movement in Punjab was at its peak. And Khalistanis were trying to replace Indian flag by Khalistani flag in Punjab at various government offices.

Deshpremi is different. I see lots of new year weight-loss resolutions from lots of friends. But he is different. His is truly Deshpremi.

Happy Independence Day, 2021.


And my heart goes out to them to whom 15th August brings the saddest memories of partition, senseless massacre, loss of life, property and dignity, leaving hearth and home and becoming refugee in their own mother land of Punjab and Bengal.

That also reminds me of Jawahar and Jinnah who for their ego and greed, those two British stooges (borrowing the words from Macauley, ‘a class of persons Indian in blood and colour, but English in tastes, in opinions, in morals and in intellect), divided the country and brought misery to millions.

Sad Partition Day, 2021.


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