A summary of China’s Tussle with the West!

China seems to be intent on rubbing everyone that crosses its way, in the wrong way. While the most visible of its belligerence is saved for its neighbors, even its client states do not seem to be exempted from its rabid behaviour. In their zeal to keep their water and air clean from “pollution”, the West has followed a suicidal policy of “Not in My Backyard” (NIMB). As a result, all manufacturing that carries a substantial environmental cost, has been outsourced to China. This policy has led to the near ruin of the West – and we see some notable tussles in the recent past.

The USA: probably the one country that China couldn’t browbeat. In both economy and conventional military might, this country is China’s biggest block to its ambitions. And that is by China’s own thinking. With an utterly unpredictable President who can match Xi Jinping’s madness move for move, the US was almost successful in bringing China to its knees in a trade war [early this year]. Predictably, China gave up the fight when the going got too tough. Notwithstanding this, they have been prodding the USA in various fora – including Twitter using their mouthpeices.

Canada: the country is at the receiving end of China’s hegemonic attitude. What started off as a court proceeding fulfilling its extradition treaty in 2016 [Huawei CFO case], ballooned into a full fledged diplomatic war between the two countries. Canada has, uncharacteristically, stood up to China in protecting the sanctity of its legal process. In retaliation, China has arrested two Canadians on charges of espionage. This ongoing tussle is creating a strong public sentiment against China in Canada. As to whether Canada can actually withstand the pressures of a much larger and stronger China, needs to be seen.

Australia: Australia has been ruing the dominance of the Chinese in both the material and information war battlefields. This country has been the first one [as early as 2018] to ban Chinese involvement in the 5G infrastructure race. Of late, there has been a concerted effort in various sections of the polity to distance themselves from China and go back into the embrace of US. This move is interesting because until recently, Australia was keen on using China as a counter-balance to the US. As to how the US will see the flip-flop of Australians, needs to be seen. Also important to note is how Australia is now keen on allying with India – a country it was keen to avoid until very recently.

Interestingly – both Canada and Australia – countries with geopolitical leverages that far outweigh their population sizes – have been subject to trade tariffs on their agricultural produces by China. Such punitive actions by China are not lost on the conservatives of either country, and they are actively advocating siding with the known devil – USA. While there are always calls for treading a middle path, we do not think China or the US would like countries that can take a stance on their own.

The last in the line of countries we look at, is UK. Recent developments in UK show that they are trying to hunt with the hound and run with the hare. While they don’t want Chinese interference, they also believe the cost benefits of Chinese involvement are not something to be thrown out. Hence this iffy ban that will come into effect by 2028. While many things may change before 2028, this ban by UK should be seen for what it is: a warning shot at the Chinese.

While China boasts of a huge internal market [and it is true], much of their money comes from providing goods / products to the West. The “Not In My Backyard” INIMB) philosophy of the West when it comes to dirty manufacturing, has unwittingly strengthened the hands of China in all material aspects. The economic dependence of the West on China, along with the latter’s expansionism, can go only one way: economic slavery. While some in the world will smile with schaudenfraude, we have to ask if China is any better than the imperial West! Today, the West doesn’t have the wherewithal for another round of colonialism – and that makes them lesser evil than China.


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