China has a history of expansionism.  However, huge cracks in the Chinese MIlitary became apparent to the world when China tried to attack Indian forces inside Indian territory and were embarrassingly defeated.  China has made multiple blunders in domestic and foreign policy as of late.  China tried to divert attention away from its shameful handling of Covid-19, attempting to sweep it under the rug by bribing everyone from the World Health Organization to numerous media outlets.  However, the latest, unplanned and failed attack on India leaves China, naked and exposed.  

According to a recent report, the Chinese soldiers have gone into major physical and psychological distress.  Poor soldiers seem ill-trained and forced to fight for the disorganized mess which is the government of China.  The military seems far from equipped to handle a real war situation.  In addition to the weak military and poorly trained soldiers, corruption in the government seems to have left the citizens and military in chaos and disarray.

Should the world strike back at China while it is down and almost out?  Nations in contention with China need to reevaluate their military strategies towards the Chinese and perhaps this is the right time to end every land and border-related conflict with China. If all the nations act at the same time and/or together from multiple fronts, there is little preparation or resistance to be expected from the weak Chinese Military.  The only fair-weather ally that China has in the region is the failed Islamic Republic of Pakistan and their hands are busy holding a begging bowl; they are well-versed in training terrorists vs. a professional military so they will be useless. 

China is currently facing major setbacks. It is time to take advantage. Should the heavy weight nations decide to attack China on multiple fronts, victories are easily guaranteed.

Graphic: Taiwan News

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