China , USA, and India are the three leading economies of the World in terms of GDP (PPP) and population.

In terms of managing COVID- 19 situation, as of March 13, 2021, China is doing really well. New cases per day reported in China are only 7, while new cases reported in USA and India are 31,233 and 25153, respectively.

In terms of Total Tests to Population, however, USA have tested 113%, India 16% and China 11%.

Is it ‘No Test, No Problem’?

Please see Table below:


These data raise two important questions:

  1. Does 113% Tests to Population in USA indicate need for recurrent testing?
  2. Does 11% Tests to Population in China (and 16% in India) indicate ‘test stigma’?

‘Yes’ answer, in both the questions, is a sign of worry.

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