Ramcharitmanas and Manusmriti can’t be separated!! If closely looked, Ramcharitmanas is an understanding of Manusmriti through the life of Bhagwan Shree Ram. If the burning of Manusmriti by Ambedkarites does not offend the Hindu community and draw no controversy then the burning of Ramcharitmanas too needs to be looked at with a blinkered vision.

It is good that the act of burning Ramcharitmanas by Samajwadi leaders is finding some outrage but is the Hindu society not responsible for lifting the courage of Adharmis which ultimately led to them burning Ramcharitmanas? It all started with DR BR Ambedkar burning Manusmriti and from then Manusmriti as a text has always been looked low by Hindu society. Hindus for a decade maintained their silence when the act of burning Manusmriti took place. Hindu society kept mum when Ambedkar burnt Manusmriti. Moreover, modern Hindus honors and worship Ambedkar for the anti-Hindu heinous act he committed. No matter whether the allegations put forward against Manusmriti by Ambedkar were plain wrong and out of context but still the Bhartiya society has transformed itself as a society that sees the words and acts of Ambedkar as pearls of wisdom and took no time in making Manusmriti wear a badge of a “Casteist”, “Misogynist” document.

Hindus ditched Manusmriti for political correctness and now they have come for Ramcharitmanas!! Also Is Ramcharitmanas the last bastion Adharmis want to conquer? Nope, Then Manusmriti, Now Ramcharitmanas, and after a few years, Bhagwat Geeta and Vedas will be in their realm. Therefore the Hindu society must stand firm, not change goalposts according to political correctness, develop no tolerance attitude, and have full faith in its Shastras. Hope this time Hindus don’t surrender before Bhimtards and sideline Ramcharitmanas as well.

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