Breitbart News, January 29, 2023: Sanctuary state California issues driving licences to over one million illegal aliens

There was a time when, to qualify for being an alien, one had to be an extra-terrestrial (ET). We learn about ETs from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s book “The Little Prince.” The ET found that our blue planet was very conducive to creating life but not very conducive to enjoying it because it created an anti-life called Homo sapiens, who become grown-ups and cause trouble. The author was a pilot and while briefly floating away from the grown-ups, he must have contacted the ETs, who never become grown-ups. These grown-ups become big or small (the size has nothing to do with it) and the big ones bully the small ones, who in turn bully the smaller ones. Since the biggest bully (BB) in any part is only one, the rest of these humans spend their grown-up years bullying and being bullied. They learn to draw lines, some straight but more often crooked and their lives are run by these lines and their lives end also because of a line that is generaly crooked on a bright screen but it suddenly becomes flat. Once the line so declares the end of life, they quickly burn or bury their own, considering it unnecessary to look for any other sign.

Owning is very important for these grown-ups; they long to own people, things, places. They keep looking around for owning something more and since there are so many of them, almost everything is already owned and the only way to own something these days is either to snatch it from one whom you can bully or going through the process called “buying”. You can buy people who have to then work for you, you can buy animals, objects and even earth. For buying, you have to have some crooked lines in a book, those lines being called “money”. Like God, nobody knows what this “money” is and the only way to know its presence is these crooked lines. But let me tell you about how BBs own a slice of earth. Now, all children know that the earth is flat and I am sure even the grown-ups do but they insist that the earth is a large ball. All large balls have to be kicked and this is the name of the game in which the reward is “money”. The harder you kick, more money you get and with that you can buy more people, stuff and slices of earth. So, kicking it gets you a slice of it, the earth being so forgiving and generous.

For creating these slices for owning, lines are drawn on earth, mostly crooked lines. Each of these slices of earth is surrounded by thick lines and is owned by the BB within those lines, who in earlier times used to wear a hat of gold and hold a golden stick to bully everybody else. Most of the BBs now wear invisible hats and carry invisible sticks and hence hit and hurt more unexpectedly though some of them carry on the old tradition and the hurt from them is always expected and they never disappoint. Crossing these lines, without the consent of the BBs on both sides of it is forbidden. If you cross over, you are called an alien unless you have some paper signed by both the BBs or by some minion owned by these BBs. The biggest bully among these BBs is called the “Superpower BB” (SBB) and every grown up from everywhere else wants to go to his territory because it has so much “money” floating around that with just a little effort you can grab a lot of it and grown-ups love it when they can grab “money” easily. Other BBs keep trying to become the SBB and there are many pretenders but none has really succeeded so far. Studies have been conducted and have invariably concluded that other BBs do not have so much money floating around and it is much harder to grab it because most of it is grabbed by the BBs themselves and their minions who are more numerous than in the SBB. All the people in the territory of SBB came from elsewhere attracted by the ample floating money but now they think that if more people came, they will share; grwon-ups like to own and bully, not share.

The SBB is very kind to those found within its thick lines and those who have no “money” are given everything by him. So, people now just cross the thick line without any paper and declare that they have no “money”. Immediately, a crowd of the minions owned by the SBB appears, gives them hot food, warm clothes and conducts them to a comfortable room where they can sleep, while other people have to “buy” those rooms every night they stay there. They are even given “money”, so that they can buy a car and also a paper signed by a minion of the SBB that allows them to drive the car. If they are fined for speeding, a minion comes and pays the fine. If they do some something forbidden, a minion hires a lawyer for them and gets them bailed out. They are not allowed to become a minion because they are not yet owned by the SBB and hence are “guests”. The SBB has greater concern for these guests than for those whom he own. If they remain nicely for long enough as guest, the SBB declares his ownership of them but after that all the goodies stop and they have to work for a bully to get the “money” to buy the goodies.

There is a way to avoid that terrible fate; the guest kills or rapes somebody. Then he is grabbed and pushed across the thick line to where he originally came from. After a few days, he crosses the line again as before, without any papers and is again greeted as a guest with the minions offering hot food, warm clothes and a clean room to sleep provided he agrees not to “work” for any bully. Not everybody understands the law and that is why law schools are there to teach us the complex dictum – Coming over illegally is legal but working legally is illegal.

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