Before we further delve in to the topic, a few questions to ponder on Bollywood:

  1. Why Pakistan is always described as an adversary, but not a single word on China, though China is a much bigger enemy to India.
  2. IS there a movie highlighting Chinese Atrocities on Uighur Muslims or Hong Kong or Taiwan or mass deaths during Mao’s Great leap forward?
  3. Why Indian movies portray India as a poor, downtrodden and rusty? Why mediocre movies highlighting India’s slum lives (Slumdog Millionaire or Gully Boy) get nominated to Oscar?
  4. Why India’s defeat in 1962 Indo-China war is highlighted in Bollywood movies, but no movies made on Indian victory in 1967 Indo-China war (here)?

All these indicate something is fishy.

In a webinar organized on 3rd Sept 2021, the Law and Society Alliance held a discussion to commemorate the release of its report titled

Mapping Chinese Footprints and Influence Operation in India“.

The report is a 76 page report highlighting the deep influence China has over Bollywood, Academia and Tech industry. The report highlights the tricks Chinese intelligence has used to penetrate India through bribery, corruption and deceit.

Aarti Tikoo, chief editor of The New Indian, likened the effectiveness of the CCP’s propaganda in India today to how the British controlled the public narrative during the colonial period. Tikoo says Bollywood producers today willingly concede Tibet to be a part of China to safeguard funding for films, just as Hollywood has been compromised in recent years.

People related to Chinese Communist Party heavily fund Bollywood through back Channels which are tough to detect and prevent. Many production houses are funded by Chinese Communist Party or Chinese Communist Party has stakes in them through back channels. The Indian media highlights Dawood’s influence on Bollywood, but never ever in past spoke about Chinese Communist Party’s Bollywood funding.

Chinese Communist Party however keeps a tight control on its own entertainment industry.

  1. No country can invest in Chinese Entertainment industry.
  2. No movie adverse to CCP ideology can be screened.

With Indian movies being so popular world wide, Chinese penetration is really worrying. The report is a wake up call for all democracies of the world.

When dealing with China, speak softly but always carry a big tariff and an aircraft carrier.


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