Palghar district of Maharashtra which has a majority of the scheduled tribe population has often been in the news due to conversion mafia activity. The same district is again in the news for the same purpose. 

Almost 123 Adivasis in Palghar have filed a complaint to the tehsildar against the conversion mafia in the district. The complaint written in Marathi states how the local population is facing the wrath of the conversion mafia and what tactics they’re applying to convert the tribal population of Palghar.

The complaint states that the Christian conversion mafia has been creating quarrels among the tribal people by misleading them. The complaint further states, “We tribals have been living on this land since ages and belong to Adivasi community and have been practicing native Sanatan religion and customs since ages.”

The Adivasis have claimed in the complaint that the Christian missionaries insult Hindu gods, and traditions, suggesting that they are worshipping Satan. “Christian preachers are fomenting division in the village and converting people. They insult our gods and call them satan” 

Adivasis have also mentioned that those who get converted get double benefits from Christians as well as those of Adivasi. 

It is not the first time that the Palghar district has been in news for the activities of conversion mafias. But it has been several times when the local population has voiced about their activities and interference in their traditions and faith. It is also alleged that behind the lynching of 2 sadhus in April 2020, the Christian conversion mafia had an influence.

Zee News in its report on the lynching of Palghar Sadhus suggested that with the active assistance of Christian missionaries, the Palghar region has evolved into a battlefield for political and religious supremacy.

Meanwhile, the Christian missionaries have a lot of Left-wing support. Palghar and the adjacent districts have become a major hotspot for religious conversion and they face stiff resistance from Hindu groups.

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