The Congress made a grandstand yesterday, by claiming that the leaked Congress Corona Tool Kit to defame Modi was fake, forged and threatened to sue BJP’s President JP Nadda and spokesperson Sambit Patra for releasing it.

It now emerges that the Congress’ lie has been called out as the author of the Tool Kit has been revealed as Saumya Varma, who works with the Congress’ research wing. As soon as this information came to light in the social media, Saumya Verma quickly deleted her Twitter and Linkedin accounts.

It appears that Saumya Varma works with Congress leader Rajeev Gowda and was in his team that drafted the Congress manifesto for 2019 Lok Sabha elections. It seems that she was the author on the research on what should be Congress’ approach on the Central Vista Project and how to target Modi over it. Even Rajeev Gowda himself acknowledged that the part on Central Vista Project which is touted as “Modi’s Personal House” to demean the project was conceptualised and drafted by Saumya Varma.

BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra tweeted, “Yesterday the Congress wanted to know who is the author of the toolkit. Pls check the properties of the Paper (Central Vista Vanity Project AICC Research) Author: Soumya Varma… The Evidences speak for themselves: Will Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi reply?

Notably, though the Cngress leadership in an expected fashion, washed their hands off the insidious Tool Kit, Snjukta Basu a die hard Rahul Gandhi fan, a weird fan of an equally crooked dumb Congress scion, who is part of Rahul Gandhi’s social media team on Thursday justified and owned up the Tool Kit by tweeting, “Yeah so? It’s the birth right of a political party to ruin the image of the opponent. Modi is crying because team Congress is finally doing a good job. They always lacked in communication and campaign.”

Well, Ms. Basu, trying to run down the image of PM Modi due to political rivalry is one thing and defaming symbols and traditions of Hinduism like Kumbh as Super spreaders while promoting massive Eid gatherings during a raging pandemic is something else, it only shows Congress’ hatred towards Hindus and appeasement of Muslims.

The most disturbing aspect of the Tool Kit, which was evidently put into action, was diabolically blocking beds in friendly hospitals and shoring up of essential Covid medicines and medical equipment, which would be released to only patients recommended to by Congress frontal organisations just to appear as ‘saviours’ and amplify their so-called “help” by their friendly media is criminal and amounts to mass murder.

The strategy of blocking beds by roping in the influence of local Congress politicians in cities and essential medical supplies creating artificial scarcity of beds and essential medicines during the devastating second wave of the pandemic tantamount to serious charges of planned mass murder.

It is diabolical and evil for Congress to stoop so low just to defame Modi. Because more than defaming Modi, the Congress is effectively working against India and murdering many Indian citizens as a political strategy is superlative to fiendishness.

A PIL has been filed in the Supreme Court for examination of the authenticity of the diabolical Tool Kit by the NIA and demanded that Congress leaders should be booked for Sedition and the party be derecognized if this Tool Kit is proved to be genuine. It is hoped that the Court takes up this matter seriously and orders a high level enquiry on this nefarious Tool Kit which defames and destroys India more than PM Modi or the BJP.

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