The DMK party with anti-Hindu ideology and anti-Hindu leaders has once again come in limelight for abusing Hindus and using derogatory language to insult Hindus. A DMK MLA, TRB Rajaa used the ‘cow-piss drinker’ or ‘Gaumutra Drinker’ jibe to ridicule Hindus of Uttar Pradesh quite similar to the video posted by Pulwama terrorist Adil Ahmad Dar wherein he called for the killing of ‘cow-piss drinker’ Kafirs.

All Hindu hating communists, Islamists, fundamentalist Christians and so-called ‘liberals’ love to deride Hindus for their devotion to Gaumata and Hindus who boldly voice their conviction in ages-old Ayurveda which uses cow urine and cow dung for preparing medicines which is effective against various physical and mental ailments.

The DMK during the run up to the recently held assembly elections denied the criticism of being an anti-Hindu party despite its history of anti-Hindu statements and actions. While the DMK party honcho had openly held Beef festivals a couple of years ago to chide Hindus who consider cow slaughter as the most abhorrent of crimes.

Today’s tweet by DMK MLA, TRB Rajaa, who represents Mannargudi constituency in Tamil Nadu only proves the party and its leaders’ deep rooted hatred for Hinduism and Hindu sentiments. TRB Rajaa tweeted, “If one drinks cow urine it will cause side effects like this” in response to a tweet by PTI which quoted a Uttar Pradesh women’s panel member asking to keep away mobile phones from girls as they talk with boys and run away.

Although, the UP women’s panel member’s reported statement by PTI on not giving mobile phones to girls is controversial, it could have been worded in a more nuanced manner considering that young minors become prey of sexual predators lurking in the social media platforms used by minor girls through their smart phones. The mobile phones expose children to many undesirable content which effect their physical and mental well being.

But the manner in which the DMK MLA responded to the reported statement of UP women’s panel member, it smacks of Hinduphobic slanders and demeans the entire Hindu community from the North.

By the way, TRB Rajaa should check from his boss MK Stalin’s friend and leftist CM Pinarayi Vijayan whose government in Kerala mints money from selling Ayurvedic medicines made out of cow urine and cow dung manufactured by the state run Ayurvedic company, ‘Oushadi’.

The DMK leaders are well known for their anti-Hindu hypocrisy of demeaning Hinduism, Vedic sciences, Ayurveda and Astrology in public while slyly consult renowned Hindu Brahmin Pandits to find the auspicious time to start any new venture or any important event in their personal lives.

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