The Communists and the anti-Hindu secularists revel in making Gaumutra and Gobar jibes at devout Hindus for their reverence and devotion to Gaumata. The deracinated communists along with Abrahamic have always ridiculed the ages old Vedic tradition and knowledge which has stressed on the medicinal values of cow products and their use in Ayurveda to cure many diseases.

Though the communists hate Gaumata and would not like to be caught in public acknowledging the medical qualities of cow urine and cow dung, they do not seem to mind making money slyly by selling medicines made out of cow urine and cow dung.

The Organiser reports that the Kerala Government owned Ayurvedic Company called “Oushadi”, is selling ‘Pachagavya Ghrutam’ made of cow dung, cow urine, cow milk, ghee and curd. The said medicine further says that the medicine is effective against mental diseases, jaundice, fever, epilepsy and improves memory power and concentration.

Communist Govt Sells Medicine Made Out Of Cow Urine and Cow Dung

The ‘Oushadi’ describes itself as the ‘Largest producer of Ayurvedic medicines in the public sector in India’. It is reportedly one of the few public sector companies which consistently makes profit for the Kerala government.

Kerala government’s Oushadi’s cow urine and cow dung based medicine news is viral in the social media platforms with netizens taking a jibe at the hypocrisy of the communists making moolah out of Gaumutra while ridiculing it to please their western masters.

The day would not be far off when these very foxy commies would have Gaumutra shots in swanky western bars, when the whites start adopting it. They might even soon dump their ‘class war’ theories and embrace Hindutva when their failed and unsaleable communism is no longer lucrative!

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