Although, Bitcoin is still the king in cryptocurrencies, other altcoins like Litecoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Binance Coin, Ripple, Dogecoin, etc. too have caught popular attention among investors and speculators. A major reason that seems conceivable behind the increasing popularity of other cryptocurrencies is that whereas Bitcoin has become extremely expensive and unaffordable for new investors, other cryptocurrencies are still within their reach.

Regarding the question what are the top three crypto assets that an investor should look into, Bitcoin is still at the forefront. The other two cryptocurrencies Dogecoin and Ethereum could be a great investment decision in the future given their proven pedigree and support among the new age cryptocurrency investors.  

Why should you still invest in Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is definitely in bubble and past the reach of average Joe who cannot afford to invest such a huge amount of money in an extremely volatile asset. However, there are still a range of reasons that make Bitcoin the most reliable investment option if an investor or speculator has to invest in cryptocurrencies. It is not just well-established but quite transparent and receiving wide support.

Since, BTC has corrected nearly 40% from its top, it can definitely be a great buy at the current price range of $36,300- $38,000 for the target of $45,000 in short term.

Ethereum, a crypto asset with huge potential

Those who have been in the cryptocurrency segment or industry know quite well how crucial community support is for a crypto asset to survive and thrive. Ethereum since its birth in 2015 has a strong community that not just supports but promotes as well as an alternative to Bitcoin. At $2,600 it could be a great buy. Nonetheless, since Ether is the fuel on which this whole operation runs, buying it could be a good place to participate in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Dogecoin could give great rewards

Like Bitcoin, Dogecoin have received lots of attention from Elon Musk and other celebrated DeFi supporters. In existence for more than seven years, this cryptocurrency is legitimate and comes with a support mechanism; thus, it can definitely be included among the trusted crypto assets. Moreover, since it has greatly helped people in a new payment system by reducing exorbitant processing fees, it will definitely have great prospect in upcoming years.

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