The ongoing targeted genocide of Hindus in Bengal under the cloak of ‘political violence’ is exposed by the regular jihadist and Islamist attacks on Hindus in Bengal since 2nd May. A shocking news has come to light in Bengal where an Ashram in Nakashi Para constituency in Nadia district, Bengal is being threatened to be bombed and its members receive death threats for chanting Harinam and reciting Bhagwat Geeta Paath in the mornings.

A viral video in the social media, shows the spokesperson, Anil Ray, of Samarpan Ashram in Nakashi Para, saying that he and his other elder spiritual leaders of the Ashram were threatened to be bombed and killed for conducting Bhagwat Geeta Paath and chanting Harinam in the mornings at 4am.

Anil Ray says, the Muslims have been objecting to Bhagwat Geeta Paath in the mornings, while they very freely conduct their Namaaz in their nearby Mosques all five times a day starting from wee hours in the morning using loudspeakers at very high sound decibels. He says, the local Islamists are threatening to kill them and bomb them as they teach Bhagwat Geeta and Puranas to the local Hindus to make them aware of traditional Hindu scriptures, culture and value system.

Anil Ray was also subjected to lot of death threats and abuse from Islamists on his Facebook page. The Ashram has been a target of the Islamists as they are intolerant to worship of any other God other than Allah.

Local youths and Hindu organisations have come in support of the Ashram and its spokesperson Anil Ray and question the unequal treatment of faiths in India in practice despite Constitutional secularism, democracy and equality.

The differential intolerance towards use of loudspeakers for reciting Bhagwat Geeta and Harinam while eulogising the use of loudspeakers for Namaaz smacks of hypocrisy and only exposes the Talibani mindset of the Islamists and secularists.

Increasingly, Bengal is becoming a Talibani state where Hindus are not only treated as third class citizens but are also killed, threatened, raped and their houses destroyed under the garb of political violence.

West Bengal is reeling in absolute mayhem and lawlessness across the state since May 2nd with the TMC cadre and Islamist goons committing a targeted genocide of Hindus. It is time the Hindu Samaj wakes up and unites to face the challenges of Islamist spremacy and political dictatorialism.

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