Missionaries are known to give away any type of bribe to attract people to convert. Missionaries are political cockroaches who have learned to think outside the box and bring people into the fold of Christianity. If this means stooping down to giving away sex, so be it. If it means encouraging Christian women to have sexual relationships with Hindu men, missionaries seems to have approved it.

Actually, according to a brief report shared by @Tapas Niyama, in the mid 1970’s, a ‘Christian’ named David Berg proposed a new corollary to the Law of Love. His proposal was that it is acceptable for a Christian to have sexual relations with someone in an effort to demonstrate a tangible manifestation of God’s love, thereby helping them to come to saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.”

Here, there is direct linking of Sex with the idea of Love, even though it might seem like fitting a circle into a square.

Beware of such fake, Christian women who seem too eager to get into your pants!

Photo: Deccan Herald

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