Clash of Civilizations a concept developed by Samuel Huntington 30 years back is unfolding itself. Just for those who are not aware, his concept was that after the fall of Soviet Union the battle of ideology of Capitalism vs Communism was over and hence a new battle will emerge which will be around Civilization Identity. As per Huntington, civilizations will clash against each other to prevent their identity and establish Supremacy.

You can already see the world dividing and rigidifying itself on its civilizational identity. Let me put some battles that have played out or are happening right now in the world: Ukraine & Russia, Mynamar – Rohingya, Australia/US standing up against China, Armenia and Azerbaijan fighting each other backed by their respective civilizational partners Russia and Turkey. France standing up against Islamic civilization. All the battles I wrote above are battles that are at different stages of the bigger war that is coming soon.

All battles in this war can be classified into three stages:

Stage 1: Battle of civilizational Identity

Stage 2: Battle of leadership within own civilization

Stage 3: Fight against other civilization for supremacy or for equilibrium.

War is straightforward; the ones who are in stage 3 will fight against each other – Western Civilizations vs Chinese Civilization for Supremacy or equilibrium. Unfortunate part is these battles will be played out in civilizations that are in Stage 1 & Stage 2. Civilization that are at highest risk are the ones who are still in Stage 1. Where do you think India is?

China, Russia & Japan are in Stage 3 with high clarity of their identity thus a nation state also transforming itself into a civilizational state. Those who are mistaking China for a communist country devoid of its identity are mistaken. China realized that communism can take them only up to a certain point, post that they pivoted themselves in the Han identity of Middle Kingdom.   

US and Europe, the Western civilization, which technically have been in Stage 3 are being pulled back in stage 2 & 1 by Islamic civilization through their populace in western world and by support of leftists & liberals.

Now lets look at Stage 2 civilizations: Islamic civilization I would say is in stage 2. Turkey, which was in stage 1 few years back has matured itself into stage 2 and is now fully aligned with Chinese Civilization. Their next target is to establish supremacy within Islamic world by snatching that position from Saudi Arabia. This won’t be that easy though. Syria, Yemen, Libya all are examples of inner battles within a civilization for leadership position. Thousands have lost lives and thousands may lose more before the leadership is established.  All attempts by Erdogan from Actual wars to soft ones like Hagia Sophia & even condemning Macron are in a way directed towards establishing leadership within Islamic civilization. If Western civilization does not come to aid of Saudi, Islamic civilization will fight on the side of Chinese civilization.

Western world is waking up and trying to bring itself back to stage 3. France, Greece, UK & Australia are at the forefront of that change. US election is very critical not just for them but for entire world. If Biden wins US will go from Stage 2 to Stage 1 & if Trump wins US may come back from Stage 2 to stage 3. Chinese & Islamic civilizational interest lies with Biden. If US goes down Western Civilization will have tough time figuring out the leadership within.

Stage 1 Civilizations: Africa, Latin America, Buddhist & Hindu Civilizations are still in Stage 1.

Africa, I would say is in the worst situation in Civilization war, battle of market share between Islamic civilization and western civilization has turned it into a real war zone. People are losing lives every day in this civilization. Next, I would go to Latin America. My own understanding is, this civilization may pass this war without getting dragged in the battle, but it is at the risk of being digested by Western civilization without a fight due to lack of awareness of its own identity. Coming to our side of the world. Buddhist civilization is in the process of waking up. Myanmar was the first one to realize this civilizational battle and we saw the result in terms of Rohingya crisis.

Lastly the one for which I have personal concern is the Hindu Civilization. World looks at us as Hindu civilization but we ourselves don’t look at it this way. Latest example is India as a nation state supported France (Western Civilization) against Islamic civilization.

However, India as a nation state has 2 civilizations within. Hindu Civilization, which would agree with Modi on this stand and the Islamic civilization which is out on streets not agreeing with the position State has taken.

Protest against France

These 2 civilizations within 1 nation state have been at war with each other since long. Issue is Islamic civilization within India draws its inspiration and is guided by the core of Islamic civilization – Turkey.

Last time India accommodated Turkic influence through Khilafat movement in the Global conflict, we saw the creation of Pakistan and Bangladesh. This time also it won’t be any different as we have not learnt our lessons. Hindu side still does not understand this Clash of Civilizations, while the Islamic side is very clear.

This time, if the Hindu civilization loses in this “Clash of Civilizations”, it will be “washed off” from the face of the earth. What will emerge are many small countries carved out by Western, Islamic & Chinese civilization from this Dharmic land. This will be catastrophic for its people we will be homeless refugees in our own land and will have nowhere to go. If you do not understand the graveness of the situation try talking to Kashmiri Pandits to realize how it feels to be homeless in one’s own land. We have not learnt our lessons from previous battles.

We will be aliens in our own lands or simply be digested. Solution lies in the Hindu waking up and demanding a Hindu Civilizational State to safeguard his own identity. If your grand kids will roam freely in this land, will depend on how you fight this war today.

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