Hindutva Vs Trad

In recent years, we have witnessed the rise of Anonymous Social Media Trad accounts abusing Dalits and Hindu Women. Everything we need to know about the difference between Hindutva and Trads. The Article will critically analyse both the Ideologies based on their stand on Politics, Religion and Performance. Along with their social behaviours in present times.

Hindutva can be defined as the Tatva of Hinduism. The doctrine of Vedas. Which denies any mercy to the enemy. The Geeta Gyan to fight even your Family members for Dharma. Followed by Shri Rama, Krishna and popularised by revolutionaries like Savarkar and Hedgewar during modern times.

Trads are basically those who follow medieval Smritis. A cult that is rigid on Birth Based Caste system. Trad is an ideology that believes everything in the past was great. Child Marriage, Sati, Polygamy, Honor Killings are a few practices Trads wish to revive.

Now let us take a glance at different topics and Stands of Both the ideologies on them

Treatment of Women

Hindutva idealises Purushottam Shri Ram and Noble Men like Shivaji Maharaj. Mahatmas treated even Enemy women with respect. On the other side, Trads seem to have some passionate hate towards Women. Especially, upper Caste Hindu Women.

Here is a result of a Poll conducted in a small sample but tells a lot about the pathetic situation

Threatening to Rape Someone’s Mother because they do not agree with their medieval views is common among Trads. Especially, Social Media anonymity gives them the courage to show their real self. Trads even Advocate Burning Women in the name of some Medieval practice called Sati Pratha. While Hindutva earns respect all over the world for seeing Devi in every woman. A Trad is trained by their Gurus to call someone’s mother a whore. Because the other side rejects their Islam Inspired medieval practices.

Trads have been upfront in abusing Hindu girls. Stalking their Accounts, Morphing their Picture and posting them on Porn Sites. Numerous Hindu girls have been tortured so by Puri Shankaracharya Dikshit Trads. Many had to go anonymous and many even left Social Media forever. All the abuses and toxic behaviour are towards Hindus only. Trads Masquerading as Hindus are torturing and harassing Hindus alone. With a harsh hateful mind, one could have ignored it if it was towards some other community. However, it is all against Dalits and Hindu women.

Nation and Patriotism

Hindutva to its core is for Religious and Ethnic nationalism. Again drawing inspiration from Authentic Itihasic Scriptures to recall Shri Rama’s Word- Janani Janam Bhoomishcha, Swargha Dapi Gariyasi. Love for Motherland, that is Bharat is a non-negotiable term within Hindutva. Hindutva is strong with the idea of Nation, its perseverance, and expansion at some point.

Trad’s idea of civilization is a type of Unionist+Tribalist cohesion. Where the Caste of a Person matters more than their Theological Faith. A Muslim Rajput is higher than a Dalit Hindus, as per Trads. No concept of Nation and Patriotism, but a system to maintain Caste monopoly.

Trads hate Revivalists & Revolutionaries like Swamy Dayanand, Shri Ram Acharya, Khudi Ram Bose, Bhagat Singh, Dr Hedgewar and Veer Savarkar. As these people busted their Half-Baked Medieval Islam Inspired rituals like Sati & Child Marriage. The use of derogatory terms like Endia, Lundia is also common among trads.

Hindutva does not even know and cares about Trads. However, the Trad faction considers Hindutva as their biggest enemy. They are taught & trained to attack Hindutva as some Toxic ideology like leftists. In addition, they run campaigns to abuse Savarkar, Hedgewar, and other Hindutva Icons.

Trad’s like their Guru Karpatri, Leader of Ram Rajya Parishad Party hate everything about Hindutva. Trads are against anything good for Hindutva and support everything that makes Hinduism look like a Joke funnier than Islam or Christianity. Trads acts as fodder for Leftists/Jihadis and all kinds of Anti-Hindu propaganda.

Religious Views

Hindutva as previously mentioned draws its ideology straight from scriptures. Giving it the name Tatva of Hinduism, a form of Hinduism, which resists.

Trads are Medieval Smriti-based cults, who consider their cult guru as supreme and abuse everyone else.

Trads consider it their birthright to abuse, slander, and Rape women of other ideologies. A mass hate campaign against Isha & Sadhguru from Advait School was run by the Trads. Along with Iskcon, Arya Samaj, RSS, and anybody who rejects Child marriage, Sati and Caste. Hindutva has room for anyone with emotion towards Hinduism. Trads do not even shy away from insulting a Siddh Sanyasi like Jagatguru Ramabhadracharya Ji. Only because he busted their lies and helped in Ayodhya Shri Ram Mandir Construction.

Trads as directed by their Gurus are mostly seen insulting Hindu Dharmacharyas, Revolutionaries and leaders. However, they also have a special love for criminals like Vikas Dubey. A dreaded murderer who orphaned many children and killed many police officers for personal Gains.


Hindutva after years of struggling with Anti-Hindu Governments like DMK & Congress. Got their leaders into the parliament through BJP. Made a PM out of a Middle-Class Chai Seller. A Saffron Clad CM like Yogi Adityanath and resolved issues like CAA, NRC, Ram Mandir, 370.

Trads have their Party called Ram Rajya Parishad(RRP). A Failed party whose task is to cut votes against Hindutva Parties. RRP in North India has always contested against BJP to Cut Hindu Votes and help the Anti-Hindutva Parties. Failed always because of their illiterate, inexperienced leaders and Caste arrogant leaders.

Trads hate against Hindutva is far more than any leftist or an Islamicist. They enjoy RSS Women being Raped and Killed in Bengal. Trads aim is to Destroy RSS so they can have their way to a unionist castist Society, even if it requires them to coexist with Muslims.

Trads and their influencers promote Congress & Anti-Hindutva Parties for funny reasons. They cannot openly promote Anti-Hindutva bosses so do it indirectly! Their secret love is now out in the open. Trads and their Gurus have always been on the side of Anti-Hindutva Politics.

Trad Ideology never shies from passing derogatory remarks against Fellow Hindus. Only because they belong to some so-called Lower Caste. Hate for Narendra Modi is due to him being a self-made leader and belonging to a lower caste. Which challenges their idea of inherited occupations and supremacy.


Hindutva stands for Dharmic Revival, Nationalism, Resistance and a reasoned Unity among all Hindus.

Trads stand for their Caste Supremacism. Along with Anti-Hindu medieval rituals like Child Marriage, Untouchability and Sati.

Hindutva is the Real Vedic Idea, A Dharmic Path of resistance and Unity. Trad is a medieval cult, everything the world hates about Hinduism.

Hinduism does not need reform; it is perfect in every way since time immemorial. It needs revivalism, which is impossible without fighting the enemies outside and throwing the enemies from inside.

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