Congress is still on the downward slope. It has been 6.5 years since it lost its power to BJP and even now it has not been able to identify its place. In my view, the following are the five reasons, why Congress is becoming the NOKIA of Indian politics:

Everybody is King/Queen:

There appears to be reluctance among the congress leaders to work at ground level. Congress’s presence from ground is missing. Even while questioning the government, putting a post on some social media, holding a press conference and do a ‘Kadi Ninda’ seems sufficient to them. It is probably because the senior leaders have the sense of seniority and there aren’t many junior leaders to do connect with the people and convey its message to masses.

Absence of connect with youth:

“Congress had been in power in country for many, many years; what have they done? Just scams?” is the general perception of the young. Nobody knows why Congress is great, if it is. BJP has managed to tarnish the image of congress as the immoral party who is responsible for all the problems of India. But the thing is that India today aspires to become a superpower, a part of its credit goes to congress also. But nobody acknowledges it, probably, not even Congress itself!

Lack of leadership:

There is absolutely no leadership. It looks like a group of people somehow trying to make things happen. There doesn’t appear to have any zeal and motivation left. The Gandhis got the leadership because of their surname and not merit. They retain top positions without by default. This has a demotivating impact on leaders as they know that no matter how hard they work for the party, they will never be at the top most position. Its like running in a race knowing that Gold medal is never going to be yours.

The burden of past is too heavy:

Congress is the oldest political party and it seems as if there is a complete reluctance to reinvent itself. There is an absence of vision. Or even if a vision is there it is not visible to people. You cannot simply expect people to vote for you just because you are the grandpa of politics. You need to clearly convey what future you envision for India and its people.

Rahul Gandhi:

No, I don’t hate RG but actually sympathize. I actually think that he has a good potential if he started taking things seriously. To me, his behaviour looks like a reluctant student who just don’t want to work hard. I understand to, run a party is not a joke in any sense. But if you aspire to be a national leader, you need to start acting like one!.

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