Today, BJP MLA, Abhijeet Singh Sanga put out a video in Twitter, the social media platform, which went viral informing about the conspiracy by Islamists to build a Masjid in the site of a razed Mandir at Bithur in Uttar Pradesh.

The video of BJP MLA, Abhijeet Singh Sanga interacting with the SHO and questioning his illegal action of allowing and facilitating a construction of Mosque on razed Mandir land is given below for the readers benefit: –

Bithur, is a town, south-central Uttar Pradesh state, northern India. It is located about 20kms north-northwest of Kanpur, on the river Ganga.

Bithur, is a place famous for its religiosity revered by Hindus as the place of birth of the twin sons of Prabhu Shri Ram Luv and Kush as also the pious place where Maharishi Valmiki wrote the Ramayan.

Other than this this it was the place where Peshwa Baji Rao II set his court in 1818 when he was deposed from the traditional Maratha seat in Pune by the British.

So, it is quite shocking that in this religiously important site for Hindus where Muslims are in a minority, yet try to dictate terms to Hindus by trying to take over local Hindu temples.

Surprisingly, the move to build a Mosque at the place where a Hindu temple once stood and perhaps demolished by Muslims, was aided by the local SHO, Station House Police Officer, who can be seen talking in the video with BJP MLA, Abhijeet Singh Sangha.

Mr Sangha, went to the site where a Mosque was to be constructed on the site of Mandir and impressed on the SHO that this creating religious tension in the society as Hindu sentiments are hurt as their places of worship are being converted to mosques as in the times of the Islamic invaders.

Notably, the initiative to build a mosque at the site where a Mandir once stood seems to be undertaken by Muslims from outside Bithur town.

It looks like Islamic fundamentalists are now working towards increasing their numbers demographically in areas where they are in minority and also take over local places of worship of Hindus and replace them with mosques, perhaps with aim to begin their conversion activities there.

Also, Islamists indulge in Land Jihad by capturing as much as land as possible, by encroaching on public lands by doing namaz in public parks daily and slyly constructing a mazhar or a mosque in the middle o f the park. Once that is done they exclude all other Hindus from the area and claim it as their exclusive right over public land.

Muslims even take over Hindu places of worship in remote areas which are visited less and raze the Mandirs to make Mosques. They also try to encroach on land around temples and build mosques or mazhars over it and over a period of time take over the site of the original temple itself by intimidating the local Hindus by bringing about a demographic change.

Once the Muslims increase in number they start harassing the Hindu women in the area, loot the local Hindu shopkeepers which lead to Hindu exodus from such areas which happened in Kairana and other similar hundreds of pockets in India turning into Muslim majority areas.

All such transformations take place because the law and order machinery does not work to check these illegal activities of the Islamists from the beginning as we can see in the present case where the local SHO was facilitating an illegal act of building a Mosque in the site of a Mandir.

It is heartening to see the local BJP MLA Abhijeet Singh Sanga taking initiative and checking such illegal and provocative deeds which can lead to violence and riots.

This should be followed up by taking strict actions on the Islamists who were trying to audaciously raze down Hindu places of worship and build mosques on it.

The SHO concerned should be sent for getting a refresher course on the various Criminal Laws to maintain rule of law and rule of mob by pandering to Islamist mobsters.

The job of the police in India is to uphold the law and instill fear in the mischief makers and radical fundamentalists and not pander to them.

Decades of rule by anti-Hindu Muslim appeasing governments in the past have made the bureaucracy and the law and order machinery to get into a rut of pandering to Islamist radicals and penalizing the victim Hindu community by denying them their place of worship.

With Yogi Adityanath taking over as Chief Minister things have started to improve, but there is lot yet remaining to be accomplished. Specially to impress on the bureaucracy and law and order agencies to work efficiently without any appeasement or corruption.

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