Is India a country where more than one force is working at full POTENTIAL to convert India into OTHER FAITHS ? Do People of India being tolerant enough pay heavy price ? Would it be fair to say citizens of India are divided in two  parts where one enjoys full liberty to follow, preach, convert while the other is divided by constitution in form of CASTES AND TRIBES by RESERVATION ?

Do people of india who are converted to other faiths are brain washed by showing their miserable life in hindu caste system (varna vyavastha) that actually does not exist and the irony in it shows that the converted rascals remain scheduled castes and tribes even after conversion ? They cunningly occupy all the citizen and constitutional benefits of being a scheduled caste or tribes in hindu caste and ecosystem . which In result deprives the actual people to get the benefits who actually deserve it

Would it be good to say  that in some cases we can even see such frauds to fight for such benefits from the constitution even after being converted and leaving the faith in which varna vyavastha actually exist . This type of freaks even wish to visit countries where actually the faith they now believe originated to prove themselves faithful  towards it  but they forget that they have cheated upon their ancestors , their religion even the constitution and the country actually making them liable for some punishment for fraudulent ?

Does The constitution of india in  “THE CONSTITUTION ( SCHEDULED CASTES )ORDER 1950” states “ no person who professes a religion different from Hinduism shall be deemed to be a member of schedule caste other than a member of ramdashi , kabirpanthi , mazhabi or sikligar castes resident in Punjab or the Patiala and east Punjab state unions and tribes ?

if such law exists then such people actually are a threat to the society and the country and liable to punishment under the IPC  who get converted to other faith as they feel themselves suppressed in the “ HINDU DHARMA VARNA VYAVASTHA”  but actually occupy all the benefits of being a scheduled caste in Hinduism BY FRAUD ?


 If a girl whose ancestors were converted to other faith from Hinduism literally fights with her friends to prove herself right and correct to be a scheduled caste / tribe in government document to get the benefits in government job by reservation after few decades of conversion ? Is it acceptable that she actually wants to visit to the country where the religion she now follows actually originated as that country announces them as honorary citizenship to all the people  of any country following its religion ?

Should she be so venomous to prove her life very miserable in varna vyavastha but is not ready to leave the caste certificate attained by the same hindu dharma varna vyavastha  which may cause her loss or liability in government scheme benefits in jobs and others  ?

Would it be correct to state “ SUCH PEOPLE who are converted to other faiths actually are CHEATERS and LIABILITY  towards their ANCESTORS ,  RELIGION  and also to the COUNTRY ?”

Do they actually cheat the people of the scheduled castes and tribes who does not convert and remain what they were who fail to be benefitted by the rights and benefits provided by the constitution of india for being what they were in past ?

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