The deal was allegedly finalised by Ang Shering Sherpa a Nepali businessman, who was a close confidante of Oli, and “with the intervention of Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen and facilitation by top Chinese diplomat in Phnom Penh, Bo Jiangeo

China uses corrupt leaders of economically weak countries to make inroads into those nations- Nepal being a case in point, suggests a report in Global Watch Analysis

Report says that Nepal PM Oli has an account in the Geneva branch of Mirabaud Bank, located in a nondescript building at Boulevard Georges-Favon. This account has USD 5.5 million, invested in long-term deposits and shares, yielding Oli and his wife Radhika Sakya half a million dollars every year.

Two investigations are already underway into accusations of Nepal’s Health Minister and several other senior advisers in Oli’s inner coterie taking bribes for purchase of medical equipment.

In such a situation, while “China steadily makes inroads in Nepal, the rampant corruption offers a win-win situation of KP Sharma Oli and his Chines benefactors.”

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