The United States has come out in support of India’s New Farm Laws on Wednesday as per The ANI report from Washington today. The US reportedly stated that it welcomes step that would “improve the efficiency” Of Indian markets and attract private sector investment.

Reacting on the ongoing farm protests in India, a State Department spokesperson reportedly said that “peaceful protests are a hallmark of any thriving democracy”, adding that differences between the parties would be resolved through dialouge.

The spokesperson reportedly said, ” We recognize that peaceful protests are a hallmark of any thriving democracy, and note that the Indian Supreme Court has stated the same”.

The spokesperson added, “We encourage that any differences between the parties be resolved through a dialogue. In general, the United States welcomes the steps that would improve efficiency of India’s markets and attract greater private sector investment.”

Notably, there is a motivated farmers protest for more than 70 days now which began on November 26,2020 against the new Farms Laws aimed at reforming the farm sector and enabling the farmers to directly sell their produce in any market of their choice without paying any commission to the middlemen.

On January 26th Delhi saw large scale violence by these so-called farmer protestors’ tractor rally on the occasion of Republic Day. The goonda elements attacked policemen with swords and large sticks. The tractors were driven rashly to deliberately breal the barricades and mow down the policemen who were trying to curb the violence by not using any lethal force.

Pertinently the intransigent politically motivated leaders of these protests like Rakesh Tikait incited violent protests and refuse to back down despite the government making several appeals to them to shun violence and give up squatting on public highways inconveniencing the public in general and start a dialogue. The government had also unilaterally announced to withdraw for 1.5 years, the three new visionary Farm laws till a settled agreement is reached by dialogue with the protestors on January 22nd.

It is now apparent why these farmers are very arrogantly rebuffing the government and making inciting statements as the global mafia plot with an entire manifesto of how to derail the country’s economy by forcing to relegate the new Farm Laws to dustbin was revealed yesterday in an inadvertent tweet by Greta Thunberg tweeting the document of concerted protest.

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