In Rajasthan Shrimati Sanju Kanwar from Jodhpur,Rajasthan is doing protection of cows by domesticating them, giving them shelter in her home, feeding them as she believes that according to our Hindu Traditions , cows are always treated as mother but the local residents and ruling party in Rajasthan which is congress is using their power on cows by taking them from home dominantly.

She is doing seva of cows voluntarily with one motive of protecting them from slaughtering and to give them a life but yesterday the lady brokedown into fears when her cows which she was taking care from last eight years were illegaly siezed on 13th October by Nagar Nigam and government authorities with conspiracy of her neighbours who are linked to congress party.

Srimati Sanju Kanwar is currently living in Shakti Nagar and is in dire need of help from people to get her cow back, Gopi and Gori . she loves them much and treated as their own children from last Eight years. Due to invalid complaints filed by her neighbors she lost her cow in front of her eyes and nobody dared to help her. The official also misbehaved with her when she tried to stop them from taking her cow and calf back. They forcefully took her cow and small calf with them.

The lady was found refuging for help on twitter since 24 hours and then some people came forward to help her to get her instant justice. Previously nobody was ready to register her complaint and police official ignored her and even mistreated her badly by saying go to another Police Station if you want to give your application for complaint and clearly said that they will not register complaint and will not give her receiving. She is mistreated again and again because of dominant political pressure by her surrounding also and was crying for help . Her Gopi and Gauri were snatched illegally in front of her eyes and she cannot sleep or eat without them as she is very much concerned about them and is waiting for Gori and Gopi till-now.

Today she get help from some good samaritans which she came in contact on twitter . One of them was Advocate Ashutosh J. Dubey from Maharashtra who helped her by filing the complaint in the nearest Police Station and coordinated with the officials to take complaint of the victim. Also famous political leader Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga came forward to help her by waking relevant people from Jodhpur to help lady . Another famous Hindu Indian Nationalist Ramesh Solanki also came forward and asked to help Gau mata by waking Sachin Pilot, Vasundhara Raje and other leaders.

Many people on social media has condemned this barbaric act which is illegal. High Court of Judicature for Rajasthan Bench at Jaipur has also ordered previously that keeping cow in residence for personal use is traditional way of life in India and no person can be deprived or denied to follow the old tradition.

This illegal act and misuse of authority by Rajasthan Authorities hurt sentiments of Hindus who respects cow as their mother and also damaged life of lady who didn’t get her Gori and Gopi back till now. She needs help and people should come forward to help her for providing her justice in all means.

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