Do you know that the cost of feeding a cow is only 3/4th of the price that you get for its milk? Even those cows, which do not give milk, give Gau Ark, another saleable product. Cow dung is fertilizer and fuel. Again money in your pocket. Let us talk about the male calf. Cruel dairy farming practices send these young animals for slaughter. Not the sensible among you. You should be aware that they are worth many bucks with their semen for breeding.

For those of you who are still thinking how to start, here is small primer for you to understand this holy business. A healthy desi cow gives an average of 7 to 9 liters of milk a day post pregnancy. The milking period lasts for approximately 9 months and then cow will remain ‘dry’ for another 5 months before it can get pregnant. In a normal life term, a cow gets pregnant for 7 to 8 times. It is important to keep in mind that a cow is most prone to diseases for 21 days immediately after giving birth and gives lesser quantity of milk during this period.

Now, let us understand how to identify characteristics of the desi cows. Healthy cows have a large body, loose limbs, small head and a silky coat. Such cows are slow and lazy in their movement and display motherly emotions. Healthy cows are generally lazy but get excited if their calves are touched by a stranger. Cows, which are darker in color, especially black, dark brown and red, are healthier than the rest. Red color cows give the sweetest milk and such milk is best for digestion. Milk, which is bluish in tint is of poor quality while yellowish milk is of the best quality. If one is buying a cow, it is advisable to buy one which has given birth to at least one calf because such a cow will be free of any complications.

If the above excites you to think about investing in this business, please consider that Gau-Sewa gives you free blessings. So, that is another reason to be part of this movement and making bigger impact than what animal NGOs make or claim to make!  

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