Punjab is going under Serious Trans-formational Crisis. Very nature of Punjab, which we cherished is under threat.

We cherished Punjab for prosperous agriculture, economic engine, energetic youth and inspiring culture . Punjab with its immense rich contribution in diverse field, truly inspired India. It’s story which once was source of inspiration and aspiration is now deeply declining.

Let us look multiple Crisis Punjab is Facing. CM Amrinder Singh have failed on high hopes. He is just sitting idle and playing politics.

Agriculture Crisis, today Punjab is often news for bad reasons in agriculture. Dominating news is increasing role in NCR pollution due to stubble Burning. Ground water level is falling at highest speed than ever in history. Punjab is presently known for highest use of fertilizer per capita in Indian states. Uncontrolled use of fertilizer is causing soil pollution, water pollution and ammonia pollution.

Agriculture is State subject, important fact often Punjab CM keep reminding to Union Government. However as CM of state, himself he fail to address any of these problem Punjab is Facing. Subsidies in MSP, power, water, urea were main reason for sudden rise of agricultural prosperity in Punjab. Now same is main cause of decline of agriculture in Punjab.

Today Punjab needs a diversification of crops and adopt sustainable Farming. Instead of Rice, Cotton, Sugarcane Punjab can focus on Millets, pulse, and Fruits. Investment in Cold Chain, value addition infra with help of PM Sampada Scheme, Operation Green is needs of hour. However there is no sign of conclusive Change.

Second Crisis in Punjab is Drugs, liquor. New government was formed under politics of “Udta Punjab”. Now “Udta Punjab looks forever legacy”. Recently more than 100 of people died in Punjab Hooch Tragedy. What happened to promise to eradicate the main crisis of Punjab. We are yet to see, any significant behaviour Change. Punjab needs to engage youth in Sports, innovation and skilled labor force.

Third Issue is of radicalization and Pakistan sponsored Khalistan demand. Today if any one community enjoy maximum respect and goodwill in India, it’s is Sikh community. Today Sikh community are in almost all corners in India. Strong Goodwill for People of Punjab is due to immense contribution of people of Sikh community in India’s growth story and inspiring principles of Sikhism.

Fourth issue is emigration of youths from Punjab. If Punjab starts loosing its youth talent and Man power, Punjab will definitely loose it’s identity. As migration from other state can support agriculture and economy, but may not promote the culture of Punjab.

What is expected from Punjab CM is to play Proactive role. As he can be main driver of Change. He along with Akali Dal leaders have been aware of Crisis Punjab went through. He should engage with Sikhs in India and abroad to unite, than just to sit idle.

Punjab as state in present context has failed to use its powerful diaspora. Its should use power of People who are at top position in MNCs , Science and Tech in India and abroad. They can help bring FDI, modernization, diversification of Economy in Punjab.

Final fifth issue is divided politics on the lines of 1980s-90s. Politics on current Farm laws is devoid of logic and based on manufactured fear. Everyone knows MSP, APMC is going to stay here. Interest of farmers should be above the interest of agents in APMC. Restrictions on Farmer’s “Right to freedom of trade” is violation of Human dignity. When all sector manufacturing, service, milk, meat have freedom, why restrict farmers ? So called “Lost revenue” was coming from Farmers pocket itself. Overall Coming up Assembly election is heart of Farm Politics, nothing else.

Role of Union government also needs to proactive. Union governments and leaders like Hardeep Singh Puri, Kirron Kher, Sunny Deol should directly engage with people. Explain them, organise public rally. Sitting in Delhi will build only negative sentiments. People of Punjab are most rational, objective in approach, honest talk will act as Bridge.

People of Punjab deserve better. Present crisis in Punjab is disheartening. Inspiring land of Guru Nanak needs to regain its lost glory. Punjab needs to be again on driver seat in journey of “New India”. We all needs to stand up, speak up for people of Punjab.

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