Just as the news trickled in the social media about the unfortunate demise of senior journalist and extremely popular anchor Rohit Sardana, well known for his outspokenness against Islamic jihad and Maoism, a deluge of so-called liberals, Islamists and communists were seen openly rejoicing at his death.

Eminent Islamists including Newslaundry journalist Sharjeel Usmani, The Print columnist Zainab Sikander, Shafoora Zargar – the Delhi riots accused very audaciously tweeted their glee on Saradana’s death.

While this was in expected lines as such behaviour was seen in the past too, what was most shocking was that an Assistant Commandant of CRPF’s Rapid Action Force named, Kashif Faheem has been reported by the Sudarshan News to share his glee on the death of Rohit Sardana.

Kashif Faheem has reportedly posted in his Facebook account, a highly provocative post on the death of Rohit Sardana.

He writes that a person who had questioned about Ayesha (Mohammad’s wife), has been punished by Allah today. He states that normally one should not rejoice on anyone’s death but as the deaths of Abu Jahal and Abu Lahab (considered enemies of Islam) were rejoiced, he alludes that death of Rohit Saradana should be rightfully rejoiced.

Assistant Commandant CRPF Kashif Faheem

This Facebook post of the CRPF Assistant Commandant if his account is not hacked is very shocking as having Islamists in society at large is one thing, but one does not expect someone serving the country’s security forces to be religious fundamentalists and radicals.

The CRPF should look into this news report, investigate the matter and take strict action on the Assistant Commandant if he has posted such an obnoxious post by dismissing him from service and also booking him under several sections of the Indian Penal Code for causing hatred among communities in society.

Also, such soldiers can hurt the country’s interest very severely while facing external aggression and dealing with Islamist terrorists within India.

Other countless Islamists online are openly proclaiming the death of other senior journalists like Arnab Goswami, Amish Devgan, Suresh Chavanke, Nupur Sharma etc. who do not pander to Islamo-Fascist world view.

News input and image source: Sudarshan News.

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