Language is no barrier when the great minds meet. The same was witnessed by many when HH Dalai Lama and Pandit Hardev Sharma met and conversed for hours, without language translators.
Story goes back to 1960 when HH arrived in New Delhi after Tibet was invaded by PLA China. His Holiness sent out a message to Editor of Shri Vishwa Vijay Panchang, Pandit Hardev Sharma Trivedi for a meeting.
Pandit Hardev Sharma at once honored the message and reached Delhi where the meeting took place.
Meeting was held only between these two men of wisdom. No language translator or official was allowed inside the room, as per the wish of His Holiness.
This meeting was interesting in various ways. His Holiness and Pandit Hardev sharma trivedi had to rely on sign languages for the discussion as one spoke English while the other spoke Hindi.
They had many moments of laughter. On one such occasion, His Holiness explained how his birth town had a strong gust of air, at time of his birth, by making “Ghooo Ghoon” voice and gestures. Pandit Hardev Sharma used similar gestures to explain his views.

PLA’s invasion and annexation of Tibet and strategies to counter Mao Zedong were discussed astrologically in the meeting.

Contents of astrological consultation are always privileged. Though Astrological analysis for nations, political events, politicians, and people from public life are being discussed in Panchang since time immemorial.
In larger interest of the Nations, detailed contents of the meeting and strategy were never released but relevant advice has been give from time to time to the person concerned by Shri Vishwa Panchang.
Astrologically, it was determined that the course of Tibet’s freedom will be long wait of 66 years, marked by patience, determination, and strategy.
It was also observed that the astrological configuration between 1956-1962 will be reversed in 2020-2026.

Pandit Hardev Sharma and Shri Vishwa Vijay Panchang has been advising many politicians from time to time, to never forget the Himalayan blunder of 1950’s. We as a nation, under Nehru, did not stand up for Tibet in 1960.

India of 2020 under Modi is a different entity. We will not just stand for Tibet but push back the PLA monster from the holy land of “Trivishtap” or Tibet.

When PLA invaded Tibet in 1950’s, India under Nehru government remained a mute spectator to this unjust aggression by China on Tibet.
Destiny has chosen Shri Narendra Modi to undo that betrayal and blunder. Free and Progressive Tibet is the only way forward for democratic world. Time has come for Tibet’s Government in exile to rise and call for a struggle against Chinese occupation of Tibet. Astrological indications are clear for the Rise of Lhasa!

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