Not to undermine the credit on the review work of Shri Ambedkarji and the constituent assemblies and their infinite struggles on improving upon the cut, copy – paste job, the fact remains that we didn’t build the document from scratch for the Indian people. Whether we had the skills or not is a separate topic altogether. Did we have the intent?

When the very premise is faulty because it was “transfer of power” and not “independence”, what do you expect? Transfer of power means you accept that the British rule was a legitimate rule over you. You accept to honor the union jack on 15th august, 1947 along and at par with the Tricolor. Most laws governing the country today are based on some western template and a faulty body of work which we keep on amending till eternity.

British-western laws were heavily lopsided towards Abrahamic faiths and were designed to govern the world as they were the colonial powers. (copy-paste me bhi thoda to dimag lagta hai ?)

When you do a transfer of power, it means you acknowledge all what the so-called genuine previous ruler did to you. Which automatically also translated into Nehru Chicha not bothering to negotiate real borders with neighbors at all. We simply cut-copy-pasted British maps whether our neighbors agreed or not, or our people agreed or not with the maps. This is what happens when you strike “deals” to get independence (to sit as PM) and not genuinely achieve it with freedom struggle like Subhash Bose.

All in all, the document was edited by discussions after copy-paste in precisely about 114 days covering 12 sessions.

Wish to know how many hours? 168. Calculating at 8 hours per day of work for a normal human body, the “hard” work comes to 21 days. Top it up with the fact that it also dictates how to amend it, if at all your government achieves requisite numbers strength after losing decades of growth and stability squandering, wandering and wondering for reform.

The engine was purposely fitted with punctured tyres before it can even start the first journey.

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