Darwin’s “Survival of the Fittest” became “Survival of the most Evil”.

Do not throw at me the Charles Darwin tantrums of “survival of the fittest” & “one who adapts to change, survives” to justify human crimes and exploitation of the planet. Serving any scientific or economic concept minus VALUES is a big crime. Every human generation is answerable to the previous one and accountable to the next with respect to its conduct.

It is good to be a Darwin and observe nature unfolding where a smaller animal is eaten by a bigger and give out such fancy phrases, it is another thing to give a blanket license to humanity to be as much brutal to other lives as it can because it is the fittest, few are richest and great adapters. Even in the animal kingdom a tiger eats a sheep, for survival, a tiger doesn’t eat a tiger for food. Even if there are exceptions of animals eating their own clan, are humans so dumb as carnivores?

Tomorrow, if an army of machines will start killing humans because these humans couldn’t adapt to the levels of machinery powers, are we to justify because some Darwin said so? is it about natural adaptation? one community-country destroying another is about survival of the fittest? Darwin’s survival of the fittest is being served as the “survival of the most evil”. If you are doling out scientific thoughts or analysis, it is your responsibility to clarify exceptions. Any economic or scientific concept need to pivot on VALUES as it is meant for human consumption. This is the reason Ancient India Scientists were all Sages.

I know where these western concepts come from. They come from the proponents of “one life” theories & are probably as dumb as the animals in the forest might perceive their lives to be. I do not expect these cultures evolved from the narrow upbringing of “only one life” concept to treat the planet any better. Ever seen what happens when a property is given on rent? No ownership, no responsibility as to how they use it and what position it is when these renters leave the property. This is what these cultures do to the planet. The seeking of wisdom of the “cycle of birth & re-birth” & the “law of karma” is beyond their tiny brains.

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