The DMK party’s hatred and scant respect for Hinduism, Hindu traditions and sentiments is a well known fact. Recently on the occasion of DMK’s patriarch, Karunanidhi’s birth anniversary a counter was set up by DMK leaders including MP Dayanidhi Maran right outside Perumal Temple at Royapettah area in Chennai, and served free chicken and mutton biryani to people.

While strict lockdown was ordered by the Stalin government, restraining people from coming out of their homes even for a early morning walk, his own party cadres and senior leaders were out on the streets celebrating Karunanidhi’s birthday.

At the Srinivasa Perumal Temple in 118 East Ward of the Thousand Light Constituency, DMK cadres set up a counter with a huge party banner covering up the temple’s entrance and distributed chicken and mutton biryani. The banner had pictures of Karunanidhi, MK Stalin and Udayanidhi Stalin.

DMK MP, former cabinet minister and telephone exchange scam accused, along with other prominent leaders of the party participated in the chicken and mutton biryani serving event.

Other than the fact of highly insensitive act of serving non-veg foods right in front of temple, they also violated social distancing norms and many people gathered there did not wear any face masks.

Hindus living in the Perumal Temple area were shocked to see non-veg being served in front of the temple with gross disregard to religious sentiments. Hindu organisations severely condemned the crass anti-Hindu attitude of DMK for serving non-veg outside temple. While a video clip of the said event was put up by some netizens on the social media platform, Twitter.

While the DMK loves to indulge in activities like serving non-veg food in front of Temples and holding beef parties, to cock a snook at Hindus and Hindu sentiments, it wouldn’t dare to do something similar like selling pork in front of Mosques. As the retaliation from the Muslim community would be so violent that many of the DMK leaders and party cadre might also end being beheaded.

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