Miscreants from SFI broke into Wayanad MP Rahul Gandhi’s office in his district during a protest march and started vandalising his workplace.

The SFI, the CPM’s student branch, was demonstrating against Congress leader Rahul Gandhi because he reportedly did nothing to address the issue of establishing buffer zones surrounding forests in Kerala’s mountainous regions.

Approximately 100 SFI members took part in the march, according to the reports. “Roughly 80 to 100 activists were present. Eight of them are currently in police custody. Police told PTI that more officers had been deployed.

The demonstrators caused a commotion inside the MP’s office and vandalised the office space. V D Satheesan, the leader of the opposition, denounced the occurrence and claimed that it was evidence of “goondaism” and lawlessness.

Attainment by SFI goons at Rahul Gandhi’s MP office in Wayanad was horrifying. It is anarchy and gangsterism. The CPM is become a well-organized mafia. Satheeshan tweeted, “Strongly Condemning the assault.

“This attack was organised in advance. Under police observation, it happened. Venugopal, the general secretary of the Congress, urged the media that the chief minister “should respond to this unjustified and horrible attack.”

He claimed that the CM did so in an effort to appease Prime Minister Narendra Modi and divert attention from the sad state in which he had arrived.

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