As any Indian educated girl I too grew up as a feminist, telling my mom to remove the pallu from head & unwilling to do household tasks (laziness supported by feminist ideology)

Though as I grew and started questioning all religions (liberalism, communism, feminism) instead of Hinduism only, I found feminism severely problematic.
I call these ideologies as religions coz their adherants behave like fanatics & they are quite as supremacist at core.

Coming to the premise of Feminism.
The core premise of Feminism is faulty in which it considers a woman not equal or companion but inferior to man and then it struggles to make her equal to man by abandoning her traditional sphere and proving her worth in man’s world.

That’s why every example of emancipated woman is some so called ‘glass ceiling’ breaker, first woman pilot, first astronaut or even first autorikshaw driver, never a Mother or grandmother.  A Jijabai today would have no value, no matter how she excelled in her role as mother.

Where does this leave my Grandmother who had 6 children raised all of them as productive members of society, was very well taken care of by sons & daughters in law in old age and died peacefully surrounded by several grand and great grandchildren. When she passed away more than 500 people gathered to say good bye to her. Mostly all those relationships that she has nurtured in her life of 87 years. Today’s feminists would still consider her victim of patriarchy as she was married at young age and never earned a rupee.

This is the reason a woman doesnt get any value in modern world until she works hard and proves herself by doing something that traditionally men did. All the tasks that were dominion of women – cooking, cleaning, child bearing & upbringing are automatically considered as lowly.

This tasks are demeaned by feminists in words such as “Im not a baby making machine or Im not a maid”.

Every traditional task of the women has now been outsourced – even child bearing in some extreme cases, where a careerist woman would let another woman carry her child to term, while she herself strives to make her mark in the world of men and yet another must bring her children up and another should clean & cook at her house. Not so surprisingly these jobs remain low paid & are still being done largely by women, no men are lining up for them.

So, at the core feminists decided that every woman centric task that included senior care, childcare, education, linguistics, hygiene & nutrition stayed lowly paid and peripheral by terming them as feminine and now are part of gig economy. How is that any service to woman?

Which brings me to the point on how feminism itself is outcome of capitalism. It’s not a surprise that the ideology originated in US. The value of a person is defined by money they earn. Capitalist state legitimizes only those who pay taxes as emancipated. A woman who gave birth to say 4 kids and is living surrounded and loved by family, children, grandchildren in old age will not be considered successful or emancipated in capitalist born feminism ideology. If you observe carefully, a stay at home mother or house wife are skill based jobs. An amalgamation of skills that needs to be acquired over time, there’s a learning curve, repetition leading to efficiency, experience making one better which ultimately is beneficial for society but none of it matters as this job can’t/doesn’t fuel consumerism.

Contrast this with Hindu way of looking at women, where the highest regard & place is reserved for ‘Mother & Motherhood’ Motherhood was a celebration from conception to grand motherhood
A Matriarch of the family was responsible for health, nutrition, hygiene & primary education.

She knew what to eat in which season & for which ailment. She was repository of medical knowledge, with always an ear to lend she was shrink of the family #Mentalhealth & with uncountable tales from puranas/MBH/Ramayan an early educator. Besides being hygiene & safety expert.

This highly ranked position has now been misinterpreted & vilified by feminists so much that many young women proclaim that “we are not baby making machines or maids to do household tasks, yaa!!” Imagine nature giving you and only you an honor of being able to create life & looking down at it! Imagine our ancestors who reserved the highest form of reverence & obedience for the Mother, hearing such a statement and shaking their head in disbelief. Its equivalent of being given a diamond & person throwing it away saying I am not a stone carrier.

Essentially Feminism has made life of woman worse than better. As a working woman myself I can say with 100% confidence that its impossible to do complete justice to role as mother while being employed & the effort is ridden with guilt & tiring both physically & psychologically. So its time to take a hard strong look at this emancipated woman trope and really question it on personal, moral and societal levels.

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