November 5 2020, the death knell for Democracy

The Democratic Right to Behead

On November 5th 2020 President Macron was declared as Islamophobic and a Zionist for proposing stricter control on illegal migration, a pan Europe asylum policy, and tackling terror head-on!

If only we were shocked with a couple of beheadings in France and a small shoot out in Vienna. Not really! We take it all in our stride! In the chaos that is Europe today, it’s just another day in the life of refugee laden idyllic countries.

A riot in Norway, a Pakistani grooming gang in the UK that raped 2000 girls in England’s countryside, and arson in Sweden, because a holy book was burnt, have all sparked widespread debate on the need to set limits to freedom of expression according to some newspapers.

And so it goes! Both Freedom of expression and democracy.

A cartoon in France led to beheadings last week. Some people were interviewed and said “yes of course! Beheadings are the punishment for such cartoons in my religion.”

No one seems to be calling out these statements.

 No, it is President Macron who has drawn widespread ire for his tough actions.

Some news articles include headings like, “Macron is following Zionist agenda” and “Boycott French goods’ or “Macron now needs to show that the French Muslims have a place in France.”

In short, the onus is on Macron, as leaders like Turkey’s Erdogan, Malaysia’s Mahathir Mohammed, and Pakistan’s Imran Khan criticize Macron for attacking Islam.

Is Macron Islamophobic for simply doing the job of a Democratically elected leader?

The Democratic Right to Shackle Media

On November 5th, a news anchor Arnab Goswami was imprisoned by the cops in Maharashtra, a state clearly indicating signs of hegemony and autocracy.

In India, the coalition government of Maharashtra has taken draconian measures to tackle any criticism.  It destroyed the office premises of an actress who critiqued some events that happened in the state, they imprisoned a random vlogger who spoke out about conspiracy theories and now they are emboldened enough to manhandle, attack and imprison Arnab Goswami a news anchor of one of the most popular news channels in India!

Emergency in Maharashtra

All this is happening in the second largest state of India and the commercial capital of India, Mumbai which is also the state capital of Maharashtra. And all this without sufficient evidence or a case against Arnab, who happened to speak out against the grain, who happened to criticize All this is happening without blinking an eye, with unabashed autocracy.

At the very least, Indira Gandhi had the decency to declare an Emergency status in the country. At least she seemed to say “Look, I cannot allow for democratic institutions to function in the national interest.” But in Maharashtra, there are no apologies. There’s no emergency status. Democracy was not anesthetized. No!

Democracy was simply murdered, in broad daylight.

The Democratic right to Hijack an Election

On November 5th at the stroke of midnight, most Americans stayed hooked to their tech devices, expecting the election results. Instead, they got endless bags of Biden ballots waiting in the pipeline.

Tarek Fateh wrote on his Twitter timeline: China and the Islamists have come together to pull off a great heist- the reins of Western Civilization.

Or is it the reins of democracy?

Even as I write, an election that typically would have declared its winner about 48 hours ago, is still counting! Counting votes and counting minutes would probably be expected in these Covidien times.

But when I see videos of UPS workers collecting duffel bags of mail-in ballots, I just feel like a harrowed passenger at the lost baggage claim after a much delayed flight.

Where did my vote go? Is this how an election in a first world democracy looks like?

A whistle-blower — whose identity, rap sheet and long history working as a consultant to various campaigns were confirmed by The Post — says he not only changed ballots himself over the years, but led teams of fraudsters and mentored at least 20 operatives in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, a critical 2020 swing state.

No wonder Oregon has never turned red in its entire voting history since it only has Mail-in voting, observed a friend.

This year the scale of voting anomalies is at a different level, especially in swing states. Dead people are voting, non-citizens are found on the ballots and to top it, the number of votes is higher than registered voters in a certain swing state.

The Elephant in the Room

But that is not the biggest worry. The big worry is the lack of transparency in the Main Stream Media and Social media. They both censor any comments on voting anomalies including the tweets of President Trump. A Republican political group on Facebook said they grew every single month by a few thousand subscribers until the last 6 weeks, when they had zero new subscribers. Their posts did not get as much traction either.

Clearly, the media is coopted.

In schools, in the corporate offices and in politics, the rhetoric of leftists and their divisional politics is at play every single day. There is a sinister plot in the USA and Europe to undermine the polity by playing socialist and racial narratives to generate fault lines from within.

As Tarek Fateh said so eloquently, the reins of Western Civilization and of democracy are on a tight leash now.

As we play the waiting game to determine the fate of democracy around the world, it is amply clear that whosoever wins the US Presidential race after legal battles are done, the voice of the people was muffled, muzzled, and lost in the echo chambers of a hijacked narrative.

The Democrats have relied on the vote of new immigrants since the days of Tammany Hall. But the USA cannot be the destination of a multitude of refugees to fill Democrat vote banks. Especially at a time when there are so many tech workers languishing on temporary visas.

At this time, my friend has reminded me of the words of the great, Martin Luther King Jr who said, “ If you can’t fly then run If you can’t run then walk, If you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do You have to keep moving forward.’

As democracy crawls in an increasingly chaotic world, I ardently hope that it will continue its onward march.

There is only one prescription to overcome the coup d’état, a death knell for democracy.

Recoup, Recover and Rejuvenate.

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