Kamala Harris, a person of color, young in her 50’s  and a woman, these are the qualities that normally define her to be a leader in Democratic National Committee. In fact, these three qualities have earned her a Vice President (VP) pick by the Biden Campaign. It is not a surprise pick but the only surprise was, the announcement was bit delayed in declaring her ticket. In fact, her VP pick was already a predetermined thing by the DNC establishment. It’s just that, her ticket is confirmed by Biden’s team, let’s look into her campaign in 2019 and how she became a VP pick.

House Rep. Tulsi Gabbard ripping apart Sen. Kamala Harris’s record during Democratic Presidential debate in Aug 2019.

Tussle with Rep. Tulsi Gabbard

Kamala Harris, an Indian American descendant, a prosecutor, Attorney General and a Senator from California during her Presidential campaign in 2019 had to encounter an unexpected jolt from her peer and House Rep. Tulsi Gabbard. During the debate she raised some interesting points about her career as a prosecutor and attorney general  and her inclinations. Rep.Tulsi Gabbard waited for her time and smashed her campaign prospects which she didn’t expect exactly an year ago. Rep.Tulsi questioned her take on the broken criminal justice system that negatively impacted the Black and Brown communities . While in conversation, she expressed concern over her record as prosecutor and how she put 1560 people behind bars for Marijuana violations but laughed when questioned whether she herself smoked the pot. Rep. Tulsi also accused her of blocking the evidence of an innocent man who would have been freed from death row when he wanted to get a DNA test back in 2004 but rejected his request and put him behind bars until courts intervened to do so. Rep.Tulsi also stepped up her ante and accused her of keeping the inmates in jail and being used as cheap labor to fight wildfires  in California which exposes her support on bonded labor. Rep. Tulsi also rightly pointed out her record of endorsing the cash bail system which impacts the poor people in the state of California.

Sen. Kamala Harris Flip flop on Medicare for All

A woman of flip flops

During her campaign in 2019, Kamala made a series of flip flops which inadvertently  showcase her as a flip flop woman who doesn’t have a firm opinion on things which she should be working on. She doesn’t have the right instincts of the public mood nor sense the people’s mood. After she co-sponsored Bernie Sanders Medicare for all legislation, she backtracked the next day and told her donors that she was misquoted by her words and mentioned them that she is not comfortable in raising taxes on middle class people. To a question asked on CNN, She favors the abolishing of the medicare industry, but she backtracked on the same question the next day and certainly not in abolishing the medicare industry and came up with an obscure Ten year medicare plan. 

Sen. Kamala Harris in an interview with ABC’s Megan McCain

While on the interview with ABC’s Megan McCain, to the question of illegal border crossings, She replied her inclination to, decriminalizing the border crossings. Later she flip flopped that she wanted a secure border. It’s very clear that she doesn’t have her own assertive analysis on any particular policy. She does a ping pong on things on the behest of someone else’s decisions and ideologies. She hardly has leadership qualities to become a Vice President. In another flip flop, while serving as prosecutor, she was up against the independent investigation on police shootings but aftermath of Gorge Floyed’s murder  she conveniently turned the tables around and now she favors and advocate for an independent investigation for police shootings.

Sen. Kamala Harris take down on Former Vice President Joe Biden during Presidential debate in 2019.

While on Primaries, Sen. Kamala Harris was vehement on her position regarding the Busing of school kids from one school district to another and mixing up the kids. While Joe Biden clearly wanted Federal legislation not mandated to Busing kids and left the decision to school districts. But Senator was quite assertive that when she was a student, she was Bused if not, she wouldn’t have been here. Interestingly, the next day, she flip flopped and ended up the same position as Joe Biden took. Her take down on Joe Biden ended up as a farce. 

Nexus with Mrs.Clinton

Sen.Kamala Harris’s sister Maya Harris who is a lawyer , public policy advocate and a political analyst for MSNBC. She is also a Senior Fellow for a think tank called Center for American progress which was created in late 2008 to provide policy recommendations. Although this Think Tank is said to be Bi Partisan but most of the people are dominated by the Democratic party sympathizers and supporters of the Democratic Party. She is also a Senior policy advisor of Mrs Clinton Campaign in 2016. With a great connection and rapport with Mrs Clinton, most of the Donors who supported Mrs Clinton campaign ended up supporting Sen.Kamala Harris Campaign in 2019.  She is bound by her donors and so she made her flip flops with no sense of  direction. 

Secretary Clinton made a wild accusation on Rep. Tulsi Gabbard during a Telephonic Interview on ABC.

Thus, soon after Rep. Tulsi Gabbard smashed Sen.Kamala Harris exactly an year ago, with unexpected questions, Mrs. Clinton was shocked and baffled with the situation as her proxy Kamala may not sustain to stay in the presidential race any longer and made some unsavory allegations on Rep. Tulsi Gabbard terming as Russian stooge. Later, Rep. Tulsi took strong exceptions and admonished the allegations with her clear record serving in armed forces, seven year experience as House Representative with highest clearance apart from serving as a member in House committee on Foreign affairs, Defense and Home land Security. She later opted for legal possibilities and sued Mrs. Clinton for $50 Million. As we connect these dots, it is clear and not a rocket science to understand the proxy or a puppet in place under whose ideology.

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