The difference between Global Right and Global Left is, Global Right is actually Local Right. They are Locally-banded, Locally-focussed and Locally-vocal. Moreover they are mostly Rule subscribers, make up larger part of the productive workforce, focussed more on their home and hearth than on global implications and generally conservative and reactive.

The Global Left on the other hand are truly Global. They are globally connected, globally entrenched and globally coordinated. They are deep thinkers and strategists, they are expansive, have built an ecosystem and taken control of all Expressive and Intellectual watering holes.

The Global Right think that they are fighting a Local battle, but, in reality they are facing a multi-tiered game of Go by the Global Left.

  • While the Right is all about Passion, expression, umbrage and knee-jerk reactive, the Left has been studied, campaign oriented, strategy based and focussed on narrative gaming.
  • While the Right is focussed on blabbering all, whether or not it is substantiated, the Left is focussed on strategically mapping out communication.
  • While the Right is focussed on being a Hero/Warrior onto himself/herself, the Left is focussed on working out organisation.
  • While the Right is focussed on ringing WYSIWIG alarm bells, the Left is focussed on being the iceberg. Just the tip shows, while most of it stays under the layer. The Left have cadres of troops and weapon systems.
  • While the Right will be the likes of Breitbrat, hoping to be identified and ‘expose all’, the Left all work coordinated, from Anonymous to a nondescript Professor to the top Media houseā€¦even more.

While the Right remains embroiled in looking for local clues, the Global Left campaign has been globally constructed, worked out, played out. It would be a mistake to take the US election as a Trump vs Biden or a Democrat vs Republican fight. It was a Global Left vs the Local Right fight. If the Right hasn’t woken up to it, then they soon will (or will have the brains to realise so).

It is because the Left has successfully wrought its campaign in the US that it is so confident about going after its hotlistā€¦Modi, Bolsonaro, Duterte, Putin etc. It will find going tough against Putin, cos Putin after all is ex KGB and the author of all these games. It won’t go after Xiā€¦cos that is the Mothership. It won’t go after Erdogan cos, Left and islamist have always been cosy. Well at least they will be until the world has been conquered.

It isn’t material how many of the Left are actually on the ground or whether they outnumber the Right. Cos, to the Right, they needn’t be ‘Left’. They can be behind any other acceptable facade be they multiple parties or one. They have a progression planned out and they know their next steps. In fact the old Left might be a bit of a hinderance for them. Also, they have been working on it and playing it out for a while.

The question is, when will Right wake up to it? And if they do, will they also associate with a global Right? How can they? After all each Right is a silo of conservative, localised concern onto itself. While the Global Left are the shapeshifters, the fluid operatorsā€¦the Go players! When realization comes, the Right might just decide to hunker down and coordinate. They will. Which is why to take abject control over the social media and enforce gagging asap. Does the picture now fall into place?

If you think that this US election was about US alone, you might be mistaken. We might have just witnessed the first election of a Global force working on a local election.

Left vs Right

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