I saw the news about an Army man being LYNCHED to death by Sikhs inside a Gurudwara in Gurdaspur , Punjab.

Punjab: Radicals justify lynching of Army man in Gurudwara claiming victim committed 'blasphemy', defend the accused

As much as I was disgusted , i am was not shocked. The warning signs have been here for all to see in plain sight .

No he was not lynched for “BLASPHEMY “, not that I know what blasphemy in Sikhism is or how an Army man could carry out a blasphemous act inside a Gurudwara , the writing is on the wall for all to see. i saw NO post from so-called Sikh leaders denouncing his in human , barbaric act. I saw no “I am proud to be a Sikh ” posters writing that their heads are hanging in shame, writing that “I am ashamed to be a Sikh “. Saw no one say “These are not the teaching fo Guru Nanak Dev ji”, or this is not what Guru Granth Saheb teaches. Sikhs gloat with pride that Sikhs feed everyone in their Gurudwaras. And here a patriot was LYNCHED To death inside a gurudwara? LYNCHED to death ? We have always been told that if you have any problem , got o a sikh , they will help you . Hungry , go to a gurudwara, they will feed you . What was all that ? PROPOGANDA ? FYI I have been to many gurudwaras, only been offered food in a few ,like 25% . And no Sikh has ever come to help me , infact a Sikh man pimped me to another man , where I was almost raped (Will post about that later ) .

What blasphemous act exactly was he doing there? can someone throw some light .Or Maybe he was killed because he was a Hindu , NOT A SIKH. A kaffir who DARED ventured into a Sikh territory? I don’t know , but that was my best guess. The easiest way to show the dominance of a religion over another is to treat the other religion like an inferior one, just like Kaffirs are treated in all Islamic countries. And All Sikhs are showing support and asking others to stand by .

It is the start of Radical takeover of Sikhism, funded by China via Pakistan through Canada. This has been the supply chain for long now , hardly a secret . If India was busy with Pakistan and Khalistan , the they would pose no threat to China’s global dominance plan (which now have been exposed ).

The radicals (who are nothing but power and money-hungry play safe masters ) are paying and brainwashing USEFUL IDIOTS and greedy foot soldiers to take over , fight the battle on their behalf while they finance, and wait for their turn to take control, power and become VERY VERY RICH. using religion as a means to unite people and make them fight against another group has always been the most potent and easiest to deploy tactic . That is how MOST religions were created anyways .

Like we saw in Islam , the radicals took over , did crimes, terrorist activities, the non-radicals just stayed quiet for the sake of religion and unity. Eventually, the radicals now have total control and NO ONE dare question them or even publicly disown them or question them. Infact MOST have been brainwashed to such an extent that they support and justify all terrorist activities and their leader. Mr. Oxford educated ex-playboy Imran Khan also calls Osama Bin Laden a martyr. That reminds me that I had met a United Nation, London School Of Economic educated Lawyer who called the terrorists of Moindanao, Philippines as Freedom Fighters. Yes he said that . For those who are not aware Mindanao in Philippine is an ISIS hotbed .

Lecture: Countering ISIS Threat among Muslim Youth in Mindanao | UHM Center  for Philippine Studies


Listen to Briggitte Gabriel how she explains how non radical Muslims are responsible for the Global Islamist Terror that is a reality today simply by staying silent and not coming out against them and disowning them , crushing them in initial years for the same of being co-religionist.


If my son molests or rapes a woman repeatedly and I don’t either school him , jail him or defend him and keep quiet them I am equally responsible and probably more so for the menace that may become .

See where Islam is headed, Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers are running to join ISIS, flying planes into buildings, beheading people, bombing buildings. That is where eventually Sikh are headed towards if this juggernaut of radical Sikhism that is gaining clout and power is not stopped.

Remember when the hand of a Punjab Policemen was chopped off? Never saw any Sikh say, I am ashamed to be a Sikh.


The ugly propaganda is exposing it’s head . It will unleash a demon which will wreck havoc for all.

The sword of Hargobind ji had carvings of Maa Kali and Mahakala.

Vedic Sikhism - The tegha (large heavy sabre) of Guru Hargobind Ji, the  sixth Sikh guru. It bears an image of the war-inspiring goddess Chandi/Kali.  Next to it, the guru's name is

The original cover of Guru Granth Sahib had Maa Kali on it .

No Sikh guru / warrior would go to battle without reciting the Chandi /  Durga Saptashati .. and had emblems of Kali and Chandi on their swords and  flags ...incidentally the capital

Paints showing Maharaja Ranjit Singh worhipping Durga . Stop falling into the trap of canada based , China-funded power-hungry middlemen who want power, Stop falling into the trap of Politicians who want to unite you as a DIFFERENt religion to gain your for political votes .


Show me one incident where Sikhs have faced ANY harassment in any part of India ? Bihar, Orissa, Tamil Nadu ?
The 84 genocide was carried out by Congress . No other party or religion had any hand in it . The same party which is in power in Punjab . We all know who gave the instructions and who carried out the acts. Why don’t you go get them ? All hatred, clout, atrocities on Hindus who have never harmed you (Gandhis are Parsee Italians) .

Show me one incident where any Sikhs was Lynched by a Hindu anywhere in India or any gurudwara attacked ?

So dear moderate Sikhs, the onus is now on you . either you can speak up now , shed the denial, show integrity and nip this radical takeover , looming catastrophe in the bud or go the Islam way . Yes, the Onus is on you , because eventually, you will suffer the most, your children will suffer . Ask the parents whose London educated doctor sons go and blow themselves up . Yes, that is where it leads to. Time is running out .

And seriously it baffles me as to how Sikhs try and distant themselves from Hinduism. If I am not mistaken then was it not the norm that the eldest son of the family became a Sikh and that is how Sikhism grew ? From what I gather, it still happens . Look at your names , surnames , All hindu . Singh is from Khstriyas, Kaur from Kunwarani .

Denying facts does not make it a lie. Sikhs are not different from Hindus. I consider them an offshoot of Sanatan Dharm, just like Jainism and Buddhism are .

May be an image of 1 person

True Indology: “In the Holy Scripture of Sikhs, Shri Guru Granth Sahib, the most frequently used word is “Hari” It is used 8344 times. The word “Rama” is used 2533 times The word “Gobind” is used 475 times. The word “Murari” is used 97 times. The word “Waheguru” is used only 13 times.”

I understand why these radical, China-funded power, money-hungry wannabee politicians are doing all this drama and instigating these fake protests and activities, but why are educated, rational, and moderate Sikhs falling in this trap? British learned Divide rule will only harm us.

We saw in open forums how the fake farmer’s protest (just to bring Modi down) was exposed when the Sikh girl converted and married a Muslim man in Kashmir and then a delegation went to the Sanghi, fascist Modi, BJP govt to get help against their Muslim brothers. Dear Sikhs, do not fall into the trap of power-hungry greedy politicians.


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