In 2014, there were three Fronts fighting elections – NDA, UPA and Third Front. BJP won handsomely getting majority on its own for the first time in twentyfive years. Again, in 2019, the opposition formed Mahagathbandhan in every state, spewing venom on BJP. Everyone of them lost and many parties just faded away to oblivion. TDP lost everything and became a big zero. SP and BSP the two powerful regional parties and claiming to be satraps of UP, too became insignificant as well as irrelevant. TMC too got halved. AAP lost all seats in Delhi. Congress could never recover from the slump it experienced in 2014 and 2019 elections.

The opposition have exhausted all the tricks available for them. They do not have any new ideas. It is believed the opposition may stitch a coalition of regional parties. How far this will help is anybody’s guess! The opposition seems to be preparing in for another shock awaiting them, in 2024.

If the situation doesn’t change drastically in next 2.5 years, it is safe to assume that BJP will win 2024 elections with unprecedented majority. One doesn’t require to entetain any doubts about it. There is simply no leader in opposition to match his charismatic personality and performance. His simplicity,  honesty, integrity, devotion to duty, unwavering commitment to nation, equality, his understanding of our glorious culture, his statesmanship, are just to count a few. List of his virtues is pretty long. If anyone is making assumptions from performances in some by-elections, then let me tell you that these results does not count much for the five year general elections.

BJP will get another term, as people themselves don’t want to go for cobbled alliances with no agenda which they know would collapse, so they will go for stability. However, electorally if knee jerk like Farm Bills are avoided and Economy Management is taken care of which have gone down mainly because of pandemic, we can expect even more better election results for the BJP.

Do you think this formula would work for India?



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