What exactly should I say?

Students, who are supposed to be studying – wasting their time with all this nonsense. What I would have expected, would be immediate police action against all of them!

Punishments for them – Sentenced to 6 Years for Public Disobedience and be ordered to work for the Army Kitchens in the Arunachal Border!

It was a peaceful and progressive state – Karnataka.

Now, it seems to be literally a mini-Pakistan or mini-Bangladesh because of their silly drama motivated by some vested fanatics who have no interest in secularism, education and development. Students, rather than learning and Institutes,  rather than teaching – decide to stir controversies by donning the Hijab when it was not an attire – a month ago or six months ago or a year ago.

And now the issue has literally been made a Hindu vs Muslim Issue, Political and reverberating through out the Nation which wasn’t the case when the same was barred in Kerala, sometimes back.

I have no admiration for the girl/girls. I would have admired these girls 10,000 times more had they simply removed the Hijab and would had categorically said – I am here to study. So if you want me to remove my Hijab, then its completely fine. You can take the Hijab away,  but you cant take my religion away from me!

That would have made them a Winner!

That would have made everyone admire her. Instead her provoking people, is downright wrong. It is simply making things political, which wasn’t the case otherwise.

Dr Abdul Kalam wrote about the Future and said – “only the Future generations can decide the course for India.”

Is this going to be the ‘Future Generation’?

Girls wearing Hijab/Burqa and brawling about religion!

If true than unfortunately this is the Rosy Future of India!

My sincere request to the government of Karnataka – Please pay a personal visit – and ask everyone to wait for the Judgement of the High Court.


Send in the cops ordering arrest of anyone who breaks the Peace in that Institution and had both the girl and the boys arrested for any nuisance or ruckus and also nab the ones radicalizing them.

Thats how the Indian Society is becoming today! At the highest level, you have crony oligarchs exploiting the public in the name of caste and language. At the middle level, you have speculators and middle classes forced to speculate to combat unnecessary hurdles of protests like Shaheen Bagh and other alikes. And at the lowest level you have thugs fighting over Hijab and Burqa fanned by so-called influencers who themselves denounce it.

APJ would be rolling in his grave seeing such radicalism in his community. The lowest point for the nation to have kids fighting over hijabs and scarves during the worst pandemic of all time.

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