Before quoting some facts and figures, Let me put up a questionnaire.

  1. Why Bharat being Hindu majority nation, it is struggling for its identity?
  2. Why there are continuous attempts, a kind of intellectual war is on to demean Hindu cultures, traditions, religious practices and temples?

For those who are aware of the anti-Hindu agendas of unlike ideologies in India and abroad, it is neither shocking nor surprising that numerous NGOs have sprung up throughout the country and abroad, which act as sole agents for these alien and hostile organisations. Most of these agents are mercenaries of alien masters, and that they are best described as Nehruvian secularists. The Macaulayan pat on the shoulder for submissive behaviour has been loyally sustained and well-absorbed by Nehruvian Stalinism, which describes the Nehruvian-Stalinist policy of sharing the loot among acolytes and relatives.

Imperialist agencies had been vigorously flourishing even after Indias so-called independence in 1947. This type of activity is generally designated as treason and is punishable by law, but on the contrary, we have seen that such behaviour is more than unsuitably rewarded with Government patronage, privilege and high position in society. Since year 2004 these activities gained momentum and support from the then Government to flourish Anti-Hindu agenda.

There are N number of media houses barking day and night in an attempt to demean and demonize Hindus and there culture, traditions. Any atrocity where Hindus or Hindu is a victim is down played under reported or not reported at all.

On the other hand when the victim belongs to another religion the atrocities are even imagined and treated as a Hero. It is a serious question that these so called bearers of Truth need to be asked. Every week there is a news mostly from Kerala, West Bengal where Hindus are hacked to death mercilessly either allegedly by communist activists or Muslim fundamentals. Why they become blind to report atrocities against Hindus in kerala, west bengal?

What do these media houses think there duty is to tarnish the image of the country and make the majority Hindus demonized creatures throughout the world like Jews have been made in the Islamic world?

Attempts are being made to give an Impression that India under Modi is like Hitlerism. Attempts are being made to derail NDA government by raking up religious sensitive issues. To add salt to the injury, these same media men and women go on painting Hindu organizations as intolerant violent and some politicians and some self styled intellectuals equate them with barbaric and savage ISIS people.

Our media suppressing or misrepresenting tactics are being liberally used along with admonitions and ridicules of the Hindus, ‘Hindutva’, and the Hindu Dharma. At the same time, this secular section appears to support the anti-Hindu forces in the country, which are active with their alien and subversive ideologies. In essence, it has come to mean that ‘secularism’ is nothing but opposition to Hindus, Hindustan, Hindutva and the Hindu Dharma.”

JNU Professor or these communist mindset people recently claimed Hinduism to be the most barbaric religion of the world, in the name of research. These maggots should once visit Islamic nations and see how women and children are treated and sold there. To add salt, these same media men and women go on painting Hindu organizations as intolerant violent and some politicians and some self styled intellectuals equate them with barbaric and savage ISIS people. In the name of Documentary, BBC tried to tarnish India’s image in global community, labelling India as unsafe nation for women.

LIBERALS, Psuedo-Seculars and media houses are unable to find religion of terrorism, but same lot was quick to coin the word saffron terror. How many terror organizations have Hindus made and in how many terror attacks are Hindus involved around the world?

ANTI-Hindu brigade humiliate the brave Indian soldier or the principled pracharak knowing too well that the Hindus, frustrated or not, are not going to issue a fatwa against them, nor murder them like mad dogs on the street. People like Arundhati Roy, the self-proclaimed slave of the American empire, to Sandeep Pandey, the undercover Maoist, there appears a substratum throughout their anti-national claims that reveals their ulterior motives, Paid to spit the venom of hate and contempt. The process of maligning, tarnishing the image of Hindutva & Hindus dramatically increased as a result of the political success of Hindus, which was during the tenure of the BJP Government at the Centre.

BOLLYWOOD, If some people say bollywood is leading the march of Anti-Hindu brigade, that wont be wrong. Why there is a need to glorify Mughal invaders, when you have plenty like Maharana pratap, Shivaji , Rani Lakshmi bai. Presenting wrong facts and figures, insulting the great history have become there habit. Recently Sanjay leela Bhansali tried to play and distort some historical facts, played with the sentiments of people, presented Alaunddin Khilji as hero and Rani Padmavati as his lover. Inviting the boil from rajputs. And finally Mr Bhansali tweeted about Hindu extremism. O Sir you jus got slapped and you called termed Hindus as intolerant, extremist. The most latest one is the Tandav by Ali Abbas. Why its always our gods in focus of comedy, why its our gods always to be mocked.

What else can the common man do? The dumbest argument ever. Borrowed from Arun Shourie who said that the best answer to oppose a book is another book. Imagine that I am offended by M F Husaain’s painting of Hindu Goddesses. What should I do? I should spend years mastering the art of painting and then defend my Goddess or offend his God/ Prophet! Worse still if I am offended by a film like PK. I cannot be just content with preparing a script defending my religion.

LORDS, have failed again and again to understand the local customs and traditions and hence drawing protests resulting into loss of life and property. Organizations like PETA are trying hard to eliminate Hindu customs like Jallikattu, Kambala, Holi, Diwali etc in the name of animal cruelty and environmental issues. But they remain silent over mass killing of animals, new year celebrations etc. Is this selective outrage not questionable.

Thats what i call the conspiracy to demean and demonize our culture, tradition, nation.

Lets stand united against such forces, lets raise our voices, lets gain the focus.

धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः

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