While scrolling down my News feed on social networking app, I came across a post about a German Court refusing to confer citizenship on a Lebanese Muslim Doctor who refused to shake hands with a Germany Citizenship Granting Authority’s female officer who was awarding him the citizenship certificate after he passed the test for the same.

Now we have heard of the menace called ‘Love Jihad’ and the discussions on a new legislation to end it, but are we now also witnessing another menace in the form of ‘Medical Jihad’?

Before you read ahead I would recommend you watch this insightful and factual Talk on Love Jihad on Sangam Talks :


Coming back to the the Lebanese Muslim doctor in Germany who cited religious reasons mentioned in the Koran to deny touching a female at any point. He did a complete change of stance once in Court to sound gender-neutral and stated that he had taken a religious vow and promised his wife to never touch any human being whether man or woman as it can lead to adulterous thoughts in his mind and would lead to adultery!

If this same behaviour of religious fanaticism was displayed by a Hindu anywhere all hell would have broken loose on a global scale!

If this Doctor had been given citizenship despite this religiously fanatic behavior he would then dump his psychotic behaviour on his patients too where he would refuse to treat women in his clinic as he cannot touch them due to his islamic vow and later on even ban women from entering his clinic. Men too!

Who knows he would put a board outside his clinic later that only once you convert to Islam I will treat you.

This Salafi radicalism that is engulfing the world begins like this by giving incentive to these Islamic fanatics for this psychotic behaviour treating as a personal choice of ethics and secularism and religious freedom.

This is their Jihad in live action. And it is imperative to nip it in the bud just like this German Court did.

Lesson to be learnt by all countries in this world to end this menace of Islam, Jihad and Koran.



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