Demography is Destiny!! These three words define the whole of ongoing civilizational war which Hindus are today fighting. Having a control upon demography is what keeps Hindus safe. Demographic disbalace brings existential threat along be it Kashmir, Afganistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Northeast India or Mewat. In a month, two incidents have came up where Hindus have been attacked, Manipur and Mewat……in both the regions the non hindus have a significant population.

On 31st July muslim mob attacked the Jalabhishek Yatra Of Hindus in Rajasthan’s Nuh district. The incident, which took place on Monday (July 31, 2023), involved stone-pelting as well as attacks with sticks and swords. Some vehicles were set on fire. Forces had to be called in from outside to control the situation. Section 144 has been imposed in Mewat and internet services have been suspended till August 2. The borders of the district have also been sealed. Dozens of vehicles were reportedly set on fire. Dainik Bhaskar also reported that two people were killed in the firing. Apart from this, there is also talk of vandalism in temples.

According to media reports, the incident took place in Nuh’s Nalhad Shiv Mandir area. On Mondays of the month of Sawan, Hindu devotees take out a procession. Locals call it the Brijmandal Yatra, in which members of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and the Durga Vahini also join collectively. Police was also present at the spot. As soon as the religious procession left the temple and proceeded towards Ferozepur-Jhirka, some people of the Muslim community got confused with the devotees. Soon after the attack, the protesters started pelting stones. Police rushed to the spot but the situation was soon brought under control. Rituraj Agarwal, a leader of the Haryana Shiv Sena (Shinde faction), says the attackers rounded up around 4500 Hindus, including women. The market was shut following the violence. After some time, tension prevailed in the area. Some vehicles were set on fire in the area due to the clashes. Many videos of snakes are going viral on social media. Several policemen were also injured in the incident. A video of the incident has also surfaced. In these videos, vehicles can be seen burning and the injured being treated. One person suffered a head injury. The victim says that the police stood on the side during the violence. Black smoke could also be seen rising in many parts of the city.

Manipur has 41% Meitei Hindus, who are the original inhabitants of the land and covers only around 10 percent of the total land of Manipur and mostly present in the valley. On the other side, the state has the same percentage ie. 41 percent of Kukki Christians/Nagas which are present in almost 90 percent of the land of Manipur and mostly present in the hilly areas.

Kukki Christians have been provided the Scheduled tribe (ST) status though not the original inhabitants…. therefore no person is allowed to settle in the area where Christians live. Also it must be kept in mind that they encompasses almost 90 percent of the state’s area.

When Meitie Hindus demanded the ST status, High Court agreed and this made Kukki Christians start riots !! Also it must be kept in mind that kukki Christians are the ones who asked for seperate nation and embarked secessionist journey aginst the Indian State which we are still dealing with.

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