Do you know, Bharat never had Casteism…it was established during British Raj (because Christians have castes).

They say Hinduism is rampant with Casteism.  Half Truth. All Religions, be it Christianity,  Islam or Hinduism have Sub Categories. Others are in fact more biased to their lower castes. Do you know Christian Converts have to face Untouchability even today in India? True.

When one starts to study the ROOTS of Different Hindu communities (Sub Categories) its astounding to know their Powerful contribution to Sanatana Dharma. It makes me wonder why would anyone project themselves as Victims rather than as belonging to such n such Powerful Proud Lineage (before Mughals, Before British).

It’s common to see Trends asking for Reservations & benefits as their “Rights”…just because they are born in certain Religion/Caste. And they are the same people who cry Brahmins behaving differently because of they are born in different Caste. You can’t accuse others of something what you yourself are doing.

When someone DEMANDS for Benefits, what they forget is that it has to come out if someone else’s savings. When someone asks for Reservations, someone who worked harder has to let it go. Its easy to imagine Governament is giving all these facilities….no brothers n sisters….it comes from someone else’s sweat and tears of Sacrifice.

Few days back, We all saw a different trend on Twitter … #RemoveUsFromScheduleCaste

A breath of Fresh Air…people asking for IDENTITY, Self Respect rather than free benefits n reservations.

@naregalsneha4 replied regarding the trend :

Now babasaheb ambedkarji will be happy to see this #RemoveUsFromScheduleCaste Huge respect for this people for trending It can bring lot of changes in society

Others must learn from them, bec recently playing “Victim Card” has been passed on from 1 Religion to 1 Hindu Caste. If you play victim all the time, you cannot earn your own self respect, forget about others.

No one is taking away reservations, Let Reservation/Free benefits be there for All Below Povert Line, irrespective of Religion/Caste.

One cannot cry of Caste Discrimination while holding on to Casteism themselves.

Usually people demand for Reservations while holding our Babasaheb Ambedkar Ji’s pic …little do they know how much he hated Casteism and wanted to end it.

So why are the Lower Caste communities not fighting to come out of this?

Because people with vested interested DO NOT want them to Improve. Why?

Bec as long as they remain under control of Casteism, it’ll be easy for these Community leaders/Political Parties to control them for

▪️Vote Bank politics
▪️Conversion Mafia
▪️Gulp down funds meant for their development

How are the Politicians/ Leaders maintaining the Facade?

They are creating a rift between various castes with lies and fake media reports while suppressing the truth. That’s why Current trend of politicians/ Urban Naxals is Dalits Vs. Brahminism, Hindu Vs. Muslim, Aryan Vs. Dravidian, Hindi Speaking Vs. Non Hindi Speaking, Congress State Vs. BJP State….so on and so forth….you get my drift…. Their Agenda is clear- Create hate between all so that no one knows the Reality. Is it working? Yes, Dalits hate Brahmins bec they think brahmins are rich n discriminate. Brahmins think even though they get 90% marks they don’t get job bec as per reservation, dalit gets it even if he gets 40%.

Does Caste based Discrimination Exist?

In Most of the Metros, Cities it doesn’t exist. Villages it exists. Mind you, Discrimination is from both side. Dalits are angry that they are not allowed in Temples, Brahmins are angry that their water supply is disconnected in dalit areas…

Its like , “I hate you because you hate me”. And the cycle of hatred continues.

Small small things which can be overcome by little Understanding, little Communication, little time for things to become normal (provided, hate seed sprinklers don’t interfere).

Politicians/ Leaders create this rift n keep fueling the hatred via biased media.



  • Dalit Raped by Dalit : Don’t report
  • Dalit Raped by Muslim: Don’t Report
  • Dalit Raped by Brahmin : Blow it out of proportion.

Rape is Rape n Concentration should be on Victim, Governament Policies, Law & Order, Delays …but what do media report? Which caste was the Rapist! How does caste matter in this? Whoever it was, hang him, without delay.

Why Politicians / Urban Naxals are Dividing Hindus ?

A. Divide and Rule. If Hindus Unite, Bharat will become VishwaGuru, no doubt. If Hindu Muslims Unite, we’ll be good example to the world about Democracy.

B. Because the combined votes of Muslims + Dalits + OBC + Muslims = Majority Votes, easy Win. This is the main reason why they don’t want the Minorities to develop, be it from any Religion. If they let the Minorities develop, they’ll vote based on who is developing them n not based on who is giving temporary relief via Reservation.

Does Reservation Eradicate Poverty?

As per a survey, yes, it has helped in reducing the poverty of Tribals to some extent, but it has had no change in poverty of Dalits.

Common Sense – If something has not worked for 70+ years to Develop the downtrodden, doesn’t it scream of it being inefficient? Its high time to remove this caste/religion based reservations and really work on developing people and help them gain the same self respect, Dignity, Opportunity as everyone else. Governament must start treating them as Equals.

Does Removal of Casteism End traditions?

No, not at all. We all can still follow our culture, worship our Gods, practice traditions however we want. Marry your children to anyone you want without any caste discrimination.

Does Removal of Casteism end Reservations?

No, of course not. Reservation will still be there for everyone based on their financial condition.

So, why are most Dalits, Dalit Leaders, Politicians aganist removal of Caste based Reservation?

Because as per survey much of dalit were brought Above the BPL (check pic, I haven’t included recent data bec you might chose to not believe it).

Common Sense : If the well to do Minorities are removed from Reservations, the really poor minorities will get more government help & will be able to come up in life.

Example, if government gives Rs. 10,00,000 for Minorities, its divided among 100 people, each gets only 10,000 Rs. But if 50 people who are rich are removed from this list, remaining poor will get 20,000 Rs each.

So how to remove the Rich Minorities from Government Help Fund?

By replacing the benefits/reservations based on Caste/Religion & getting the same based on Financial Conditions based.

Moment of Truth about ‘Upper Caste Brahmins ‘

Are Brahmins/ Upper castes really that rich?

I am yet to see our brothers n sisters from SC/ST  OBC Bahujan fight for ending Casteim. Come on brothers, follow the trend of Tamilians…Let’s Smash Casteism, Together.

How to remove Casteism

  • Upper caste must condemn anyone from their community who Discriminates with lower caste
  • Lower caste must let go off reservations based on Caste. This does not mean they’ll not get reservation based on their economic conditions.
  • Government must stop playing the Caste card for their own agendas, be it left leaning or right leaning parties.

We have to understand, when there wont be caste, there will not be Caste Discrimination….and our Babasaheb Ambedker Ji’s dream of Caste free Bharat will finally be achieved.

(FYI, I am not a brahmin, SC/ST or any Caste person as I HATE CASTEISM,  I speak on behalf of all. If I’ve offended anyone, I humbly apologize. Just know, my intentions are good & I want to see everyone develop together & not let negative forces to Divide and Rule us like the British….again).

Bharat Sarvopari.

Naman ?

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