RRecently everyone in the country has witnessed the media cooked story of Hathras. They tried to create casteist tension among Hindus which they are doing since independence. They educate everybody about the divide among Hindus but hide the castes and sects of other religions. Therefore, it is my duty as a Hindu to educate you about the castes and sects of other religions. 

I request you as well to teach your children and fellow Sanatan dharma people about the castes and sects of other religions by which they can question back the sects, castes, and divides existing in other religions, who are trying to demean Hinduism for caste divisions.

Being a Hindu we are primarily under attack by these three religions: Islam, Christianity, and Buddhism. They always preach us about the caste divide posing as if they don’t have any such thing in their own religion. 

Therefore, whenever any Mullah preaches you on castes ask him about his sect whether he belongs to Shia, Sunni, or Khawarij. When any Christian does so ask his sect to which he belongs: Catholic, Protestant, or Orthodox. And when any Buddhist asks, question him about his sect Hinayana, Mahayana, or Vajrayana which one he belongs. This is just the tip of the iceberg of the divides that exist in other religions. If you study you will find thousands of divides in every other religion on earth.

The Indian education system and media funded by foreign interests don’t tell us about this divide in other religions at the same time questioning us. Every religion in the world has divides and committed genocides in the name of divisions, which is not the case with Hinduism. Study more about thier divides and question them back staying united as Hindus. I am sure they will go silent when you will start questioning them back about their divides.

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